Release a heartwarming episode. A questionnaire on going out with a pregnant partner was conducted by “LINE on e question a day childcare quiz papa power test”. 119 dads and moms responded

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Release a heartwarming episode. A questionnaire on going out with a pregnant partner was conducted by “LINE one question a day childcare quiz papa power test”. 119 dads and moms responded
The “Childcare Quiz Papa Power Test”, which provides knowledge useful for childcare in a fun quiz format and supports fathers’ childcare, conducts a questionnaire on going out during pregnancy and solicits episodes. We received responses from 119 people

Mama’s Sachi LLC (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yukie Takahashi) provides “One question a day childcare quiz dad power test on LINE”, you can go out with your pregnant partner (or while you are pregnant). A questionnaire was conducted to ask about any problems, things that people noticed, and things that made them happy when interacting with people around them. We received responses from 119 people (52 men, 67 women).
“One question a day childcare quiz on LINE (hereinafter referred to as “childcare quiz dad power test”)” is one question every day, a childcare quiz supervised by experts on LINE (baby development from 0 to 1.5 years old, how to take care of it, Accident prevention, first aid, first aid at home, etc.) are delivered. We mainly provide about 250 quizzes for dads who are raising children for the first time. This time, we conducted a survey of users of the “Childcare Quiz Papa Power Test” about going out during pregnancy, and received responses from 119 people (52 men, 67 women).
■We asked 109 people who answered that they had noticed something, had a problem, or had a happy time while going out (with their partner) during pregnancy for details.
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The most common response was, “I realized how happy it is to be given a seat or to be cared for.”
Next, many people noticed that they had to be careful when getting on and off stairs and escalators because it would be difficult to see their feet, and that standing in a swaying car was more difficult than expected.
In addition to the above, comments were also received on things that were noticed and troubles.
Here are some of the comments.
[Male in his 30s]
Naturally, I began to pay more attention to children and babies. [Male in his 30s]
Men, in particular, often perceive that having a large belly means that they are pregnant, but in reality, it is more painful when the belly is not yet large. Therefore, it was almost only women who gave up their seats in the early stages of pregnancy.
[Male in his 30s]
Unexpectedly, they gave up their seats. I was more surprised than happy. Before I got pregnant, I didn’t think others would take care of me.
[Male in his 30s]
After all, when I go out together, I get tired quickly, so I felt that it would be better to have more places to rest (such as a chair where I can sit down immediately).
[Female in her 40s]
When I parked in the parking lot of a supermarket, it was difficult for me to get out of the car because there was limited space to open the door if there was another car parked next to me. It happened that the passenger seat side was opened wide, so I climbed over the parking brake and got off from the passenger seat.
[Female in her 30s]
Hard chairs are tiring for pregnant women. I was happy that the store prepared cushions and throws. Even if I got hungry on the road, I was in trouble because there was no place to sit.
[Female in her 30s]
In the early to mid-pregnancy period, it may not be possible to tell that a woman is pregnant by appearance, so I thought that the maternity mark would be useful for pregnant women who need help. ■When we asked for stories that made us happy, we received many comments. Here are some of them.
[Male in his 20s]
I had the impression that male students and office workers would often give it away, and I thought it was cool.
[Male in his 30s]
I was surprised at the consideration and voices at the nearby supermarkets and pharmacies. I was happy that everyone understood and cared about being pregnant.
[Male in his 30s]
I realized that I’m very happy to hear that I’m looking forward to working hard. Working hard and having fun is a matter of course, but I felt the power of the voice, so I wanted to practice it myself. [Male in his 30s]
It wasn’t when I went out with my partner, but I was worried about my partner’s corona infection, so I planned to refrain from drinking parties outside for about a month before my due date. My friend who went didn’t say anything in particular, but he took a PCR test in advance. It wasn’t a question of whether or not they had been tested, but I was happy that they actually decided to do so on their own initiative!
[Female in her 40s]
My husband was happy to give up his seat on the train from time to time. [Female in her 30s]
I’m not pregnant, but when I gave up my seat to a pregnant woman after she gave birth, I realized that it made me happy because she was so happy.
[Female in her 30s]
My partner took the lead in considering my diet during pregnancy. [Female in her 20s]
It was very helpful that someone who noticed the maternity mark on the train gave up their seat. It was quite hard to stand in the tremors, so I was so grateful, and I almost cried at their kind consideration. [Female in her 40s]
When I was standing on the train in the third trimester of my pregnancy, a boy in the first or second grade of elementary school came running from quite far away and asked me to take a seat. He even secured a seat with his school bag.
[Female in her 30s]
When I had a lot of luggage, someone I didn’t know asked me if I was okay and brought my luggage.
[Female in her 30s]
When I was given the road and tried to cross in a hurry, they told me to take it slow.
■We asked 119 people about the maternity mark.
[Image 2d91934-4-9f80fee3e49869d84204-3.png&s3=91934-4-78cf538cea6e3a1a73336d81a4b548ec-1196x672.png
The Parenting Quiz Papa Power Test supports the “Maternity Mark” initiative, which encourages the creation of a friendly environment for expectant and nursing mothers, hoping that more peace of mind and kindness will circulate in society.
From December 18, 2021, we have posted a tie-up advertisement with the “Maternity Mark”, which recommends creating an environment friendly to expectant and nursing mothers, at the window of the priority seat area of ​​the Toei Mita Line (1 train) for one year.
[Image 3d91934-4-0b37dbbdf531cc077d26-5.jpg&s3=91934-4-03af2a8816f60b51a9184019349c27b5-2071x2074.jpg
What is a maternity mark?
・An item that expectant and nursing mothers wear when using public transportation, etc., to make it easier for those around them to show consideration for them.
・Furthermore, transportation facilities, workplaces, restaurants, and other public institutions put up posters with their efforts and appeals, and promote the creation of a friendly environment for expectant and nursing mothers.
(Excerpt from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website) ■This survey was conducted on October 14, 2022.
■ You can see all answers
In the childcare quiz dad power test, we value each person’s experiences and thoughts. We believe that our experiences and words can serve as a reference or help someone else, so we conducted a survey like this one to collect many opinions. And through the media and radio named “ISSHO NI”, we are transmitting experiences and “raw voices”.
-All episodes are published in this article-
About “Childcare Quiz Papa Power Test”, one question a day on LINE In the “Childcare Quiz Papa Power Test”, about 250 questions, such as quizzes useful for childcare from 0 to 1.5 years old, accident prevention and lifesaving quizzes, will be distributed once a day (Monday) to (Friday).
In addition, we have also enriched fun serial columns such as “Messages from senior dads”, “Baby photography techniques”, and “Easy medicinal meals that are useful for papa mama’s energy”.
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The childcare quiz dad power test is a service that won a special award at the “BabyTech (R) Award Japan 2020 powered by DNP Dai Nippon Printing”.
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Mama’s Sachi LLC
Business content: Content production, editing, and provision related to childcare, childcare support, disaster prevention for families raising children, food education, etc. / Seminar planning / Surveys and monitor cooperation for parents of infants, etc.
Representative: Yukie Takahashi
Location: KS Floor, Resona Kudan Building 5F, 1-5-6 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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