Release by Fujita Kanko Group Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Last year, more than 750 reservations were made in the first day of booking! “Strawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea” started on January 10

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[Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo] Last year, reservations for more than 750 people rushed in one day after the reservation started! “Strawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea” started on January 10
-This year, a plan with a strawberry and sparkling wine cocktail “Rossini” inspired by the sea of ​​clouds in Tokyo is also available-
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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, general manager: Nobunori Yamashita) has a “Strawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea” that uses plenty of seasonal strawberries and chocolate at the lobby lounge “Le Jardin” that makes use of the view of the garden. will be available from January 10, 2023 (Tuesday).
◇ Last year, the popular afternoon tea, which had more than 750 reservations in the first day of reservation, is back!
The “Strawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea” that uses plenty of “strawberries” that are in season and plenty of chocolate that is perfect for Valentine’s Day will be available again this year. The sweets on the upper row are chocolate macaroons with strawberry butter cream and strawberry jam, strawberry chocolate bars with a light texture using brown rice puffs, and the gentle sweetness of the milkshake mousse combined with the sourness of the strawberries for a moderate taste. You can enjoy 4 types of strawberry shake, brownie and strawberry ganache with a rich taste finished with two layers of brownie and strawberry ganache.
In addition to the standard plain scones, there are three types of scones in the middle: strawberry scones with strawberry chocolate kneaded into them, and coffee scones, which are popular every year. For coffee scones, we recommend adding caramel clotted cream. Savory on the bottom row is a crab and sour cream sandwich finished with two layers of crab and mayonnaise, sour cream and onion ash, and a salty cheese tart with walnuts topped with seasonal burdock, lotus root, and purple potato chips. Enjoy 4 kinds of cheese tarts and seasonal vegetable chips between sweets and scones.
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◇ For the welcome drink plan, we offer a strawberry cocktail with a mist inspired by the sea of ​​clouds in Tokyo!
For the welcome drink plan, we offer a cocktail “Rossini” using strawberry juice and sparkling wine. When you take off the lid of the chocolate plate on top of the glass, you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste and gorgeous appearance of the mist like the sea of ​​clouds in Tokyo and the scent of mixed berries.
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Strawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea Summary
■Period: January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) *Reservations are required (until 18:00 the day before).
■Time: 12:00~L.O.18:00
■ Store: Lobby lounge “Le Jardin”
■ Rates:
-Web reservation-
 Strawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea 5,950 yen
6,950 yen with welcome drink “Rossini”
-Telephone reservation-
 Strawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea 6,450 yen
7,450 yen with welcome drink “Rossini”
*Consumption tax included, service charge not included
■Reservations/Inquiries: 03-3943-5489 (10:00-19:00)
■ URL: About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
[Image 4d1368-256-b78cdae48ed75928f0c0-5.jpg&s3=1368-256-e55e818c5d4306d6503dd96e7ce7b574-1773x1541.jpg
 Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which is located in the heart of the city but is built in a forest-like garden, celebrated its 70th anniversary on November 11, 2022.
The “Garden Project”, which began in 2020, embodies the thoughts that have been handed down through the beauty of the landscape and the production that combines nature and modern technology. Under the idea of ​​“continuing to be an oasis that is needed in any era,” we have created 7 superb views in 7 seasons, and in the beautiful nature, we offer Japanese hospitality and world-class service standards. We offer a relaxing space and time for you to experience.
 The 267 guest rooms are not only equipped with a full range of functions and amenities so that you can relax like your second home, but you can also enjoy the panorama of the city center or the garden view. In addition, there are 9 restaurants in the garden and inside the hotel, a directly managed spa treatment facility where you can feel the natural light, 38 banquet halls including a large venue that can accommodate up to 2,000 people, a chapel/temple, a bar/beauty salon, and a photo studio. etc.
In the vast garden where you can take a walk, there are a
three-storied pagoda, a tea house, and historic sites designated as national tangible cultural properties, as well as cherry blossoms in spring, sparkling fresh greenery, fireflies in early summer, cool waterfall spray in summer, autumn leaves, and camellias in the snowscape. And you can spend a special time in the atmosphere of the four seasons that will make you forget you are in Tokyo. In addition, you can enjoy “Tokyo Sea of ​​Clouds”, one of the largest foggy gardens in Japan, as a superb view of the city center all year round. Thankfully, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has been awarded 4 stars in the “Hotel Category” and “Spa Category” announced by the “Forbes Travel Guide”. We are also a member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts L.V.X. [Image 5d1368-256-6ce35e42fc0d39935135-9.jpg&s3=1368-256-3eea5b1de8a15e754549dc583862d839-1280x282.jpg

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