Released “SDGs Labor Consulting Plan” for companies aiming for “both job satisfaction and economic growth ”!

Legal Corporation Law Firm Seai Partners
Released “SDGs Labor Consulting Plan” for companies aiming for “both job satisfaction and economic growth”!
~Sago Partners, a law firm that specializes in corporate legal issues~
Law firm Sengai Partners (located in Chuo-ku, Kobe) has served as a corporate lawyer for approximately 100 companies, and has dealt with many labor issues mainly in the prefecture. We have released the “SDGs Labor Consulting Plan” to realize “growth too”.
■ Click here for details of the “SDGs Labor Consulting Plan”
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*Monthly fee
* “〇: Check, review/create” “△: Check, advise” “X: Unsupported” As the number of companies working on the SDGs increases, regardless of company size or industry, there are some cases in which management reforms are being promoted by focusing on the 8th of the 17 goals of the SDGs, “decent work and economic growth.” It has been. As the methods of recruiting, training, and retaining human resources are becoming more diverse and complex, responding to the SDGs will enable us to realize and respond to sound corporate management. This time, in order to improve the working environment and increase productivity, we have prepared a support plan that comprehensively addresses specific measures and legal aspects. Please use the “SDGs Labor Consulting Plan” with the theme of the 8th SDGs “Decent work and economic growth” by a lawyer who has served as a corporate lawyer for nearly 100 companies and is familiar with corporate legal issues.
■ Prayer for the release of the “SDGs Labor Consulting Plan” Holding a free online seminar
In conjunction with the release of this consulting plan, we will also hold a free online seminar on “Diversity Management Points for Practicing SDGs”.
In recent years, the hiring of people with various backgrounds and strengths has progressed, such as the promotion of women to management positions, the re-employment of the elderly, the employment of people with disabilities, and the hiring of professionals. There are many companies that have not yet introduced the system.
Diversity management is an essential initiative in promoting the SDGs, and specific measures are required for sustainable corporate management.
This time, we will hold an online seminar on the theme of “diversity management” for such companies. In the seminar, we will also inform you about the SDGs labor consulting plan released this time. If you are a company like this, please join us at this opportunity. ☑ We want to promote the SDGs of “decent work and economic growth” ☑ I want to create a work environment that accepts and retains diverse human resources
☑ I want to improve the internal environment and create a workplace where labor problems are less likely to occur
☑ I want to correct wage disparities and promote equal pay for equal work ☑ I want to know the reasons and methods for working on the SDGs [Implementation overview]
Date: December 8, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00-16:00 *Application deadline is December 6 (Tuesday) at 17:00
Holding method: Online holding by Zoom
*The Zoom URL will be sent to the email address you applied for. *On the day of the seminar, access is possible from 15 minutes before the start of the seminar.
Fee: Free
-Course content schedule (partial)-
・The full picture of SDGs No. 5 “Let’s achieve gender equality” and No. 8 “Decent work and economic growth”
・Diversity management
・Five measures necessary to improve the working environment
・Results obtained by working on SDGs and taking measures
▼Click here to apply for the seminar▼ Lecturer introduction
Legal Corporation Law Firm Seai Partners
Representative Attorney Koichi Seai (Hyogo Prefecture Bar Association) [Image 2

Born in Tarumi Ward, Kobe City
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University
58th legal apprenticeship (Kobe apprenticeship)
Graduated from Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University, majoring in modern business (MBA program)
Vice President, Hyogo Bar Association (April 2022-)
[Work history]
Worked at Kyowa Sogo Law Office (Osaka)
Yamane Law Office (Kobe)
Partner of Honda Sogo Law Office (Kobe)
Establishment of Law Firm Seai Partners
Labor investigator R
Tax auditor (R)
Business succession manager
tax accountant
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
[Inquiries about seminars]
Legal Corporation Law Firm Seai Partners (Person in Charge: Hamada) (scheduled for replacement) TEL: 078-382-3531
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