Released the lightweight and compact 50cc class ATV “MAXXER 50”

Kymco Japan Co., Ltd.
Released the lightweight and compact 50cc class ATV “MAXXER 50”
KYMCO JAPAN Co., Ltd. has been working to strengthen sales of ATV/UTV (four-wheel buggy vehicles) since 2017, and has been supported by many people for outdoor activity use and agricultural use. We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to introduce the “MAXXER 50” as a lightweight and compact 50cc class ATV. nationwide
Available at KYMCO ATV/UTV authorized dealers from November 28, 2022 Major features
Powerful 2-stroke 49cc
Engine Compact and lightweight body
Easy operation automatic
Equipped with accelerator save mechanism
Equipped with safety desert switch
Equipped with handlebar pads for a sporty look
[Image 1d99729-7-ce9956767324fb1abf46-0.jpg&s3=99729-7-b487f409fdd576b8fdcfc5de6ac8ff6a-1000x666.jpg
[Image 2d99729-7-566e79c001365da09fe4-1.jpg&s3=99729-7-c70c10916716808513d5b547dfbee708-1000x666.jpg
Front view Front mask with a compact and sharp design
[Image 3d99729-7-e9d46c642473777b812e-2.jpg&s3=99729-7-8da53321713838ca9876d89b33fc7695-1000x666.jpg
Side view Compact body with a total length of 1,385 mm and a light weight of 111 kg
[Image 4d99729-7-073eeb1034709d502ba5-3.jpg&s3=99729-7-56cc0e307b059e97028487d2ca52bcd5-1000x666.jpg
Rear view The design features a raised rear fender
[Image 5d99729-7-df7b486a5604fae9762c-4.jpg&s3=99729-7-cd156ff03318943a1fac87ff8a49c427-1000x666.jpg
Handlebar pad Gives a sporty and active look
[Image 6d99729-7-c3f9b293614fb8b724a6-5.jpg&s3=99729-7-e94f920271187707adb706faa5c0766b-1000x666.jpg
Accelerator save mechanism A mechanism that saves acceleration to prevent excessive speed
[Image 7d99729-7-6b506ea02aa588f4fdd6-6.jpg&s3=99729-7-1ce126f2d6564323e7c6a3598c843a9b-1000x666.jpg
Safety warning switch A device that stops the engine with a pull cord in the event of a fall, etc.
Model name (model) MAXXER 50 (LA10BD)
Color red, blue
Country of manufacture: Taiwan
Engine type air-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder
Fuel system carburetor
Total displacement 49.4 cc
Transmission type CVT forward only
Starting method Self-kick combination
Equipped weight 111kg
Length x Width x Height 1,385mm x 820mm x 900mm
wheelbase 900mm
Fuel tank capacity 5.3 liters
Tire (front) 16*8-7
Tire (rear) 16*8-7
Suspension type (front) single A arm
Suspension type (rear) swing arm
Drive system Chain type rear wheel drive
Brake type (front and rear) drum
Riding capacity: 1 person
Recommended age: 10 years old or older (under supervision of 16 years old or older)
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price ¥440,000 (tax included) Details about this release:


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