Reprint decision before sales! Hot new book, bookstore sales start

Sakura Office Co., Ltd.
Reprint decision before sales! Hot new book, bookstore sales start Amazon Ranking No. 1 “The choice of a real estate agent to save troubled sellers”

Rakuda Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Rinka Onishi), a “real estate master” Sakura Office Co., Ltd. group that provides comprehensive real estate consulting for individuals, home inspections (housing diagnosis), and consulting for condominium management associations. Bookstore sales started today, November 21 (Monday), “The choice of a real estate agent to save troubled sellers” co-authored by Chairman Osamu Nagashima and company president Rinka Onishi.
■ Ranked 1st in 10 Amazon rankings from the time of reservation, and a reprint is decided
Company management, industrial research, business administration, management theory, business management, apartment/building management, enterprise/management, practical management/leadership management, industrial research Real estate, other management theory related, total of 10 categories Amazon top selling rankings. Due to its popularity, a reprint has been decided before the bookstore sales. ■ In the United States, it is commonly believed that “the best friends to have are a doctor, a lawyer, and an agent.”
In Japan, when buying a house, it is normal to select a property from a portal site and contact a real estate company from there, but in the United States, first a “real estate sales professional” called a real estate agent is selected, and the agent introduces the property. The basic flow is to decide the purchase property while having it done. The same is true for sales. It’s a common belief in America that a person’s life will be successful if he or she has friends who can help him or her in important life situations: doctors, lawyers, and agents. On the other hand, there is almost no awareness of “real estate agents” in Japan. It is deeply related to “bad customs in the Japanese real estate industry”. In this book, the solution to the deep-rooted problem is shown as “a case of selling real estate that is close to the client to the end”. This book, which describes the cases of agents who overcame obstacles with “inspiration” and “ingenuity”, is useful not only for those who are thinking about buying and selling real estate, but also for those involved in all businesses. I would appreciate it if you could take it in your hands widely.
■ Synopsis of “Choosing a real estate agent to save troubled sellers” Even if there are people you can consult about “how to sell”, there is no other person you can consult about “should you really sell?” A “real estate agent” who supports up to the sale of real estate that was said to be unsold with a completely new idea. What is the back side of real estate trading and new common sense in the future, unraveling from the success story of real estate sales by four agents? A must read to make your real estate sale happy.
[Osamu Nagashima and Rinka Onishi latest book “Choosing a real estate agent to save troubled sellers”]
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Release date: November 21st (Monday) *Issued on the 17th, bookstore sales start on the 21st
Price: 900 yen + tax Pre-order on Amazon
New book: 184 pages
Publisher: Gentosha Media Consulting Co., Ltd.
■ PART 1
What is a “real estate agent” that pursues the seller’s happiness? ■ PART2
So that the seller never regrets ━━━
Success stories of real estate sales by agents
Real estate agents will change the real estate brokerage of the future [Author profile]
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Osamu Nagashima
In 1999, he established Sakura Office Co., Ltd., a real estate consulting company for individuals. As a “neutral real estate consultant”, he provides know-how on real estate purchases such as home purchases and real estate investments, and makes recommendations to the industry and policies. Partially supervised the NHK drama “Honest Real Estate”.
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Rinka Onishi
Joined Sakura Office in 2003 after working at an advertising and marketing company. Appointed Representative Director in January 2013. Established Rakuda Real Estate Co., Ltd. in 2018. Appointed president and representative director. He also does PR consulting specializing in the real estate and construction industries, and has written and published many articles and lectures.
[Early purchase privilege]
All applicants for the early purchase campaign will receive a “12 checklist for choosing a real estate company for successful sales by camel real estate”! (Deadline at the end of November)
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■ Master of Real Estate Sakura Office Co., Ltd. ■
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO: Rinka Onishi
Sakura Office Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive real estate consulting company for individuals that operates under the philosophy of “pursuing a happier relationship between people and real estate and handing down a rich and beautiful society to the next generation.” We have a track record of over 58,000 sets.
■ Rakuda Real Estate Co., Ltd. ■
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO: Rinka Onishi
Rakuda Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a real estate company that inherits the know-how of its parent company, Sakura Office, and provides agent-type services that can only be realized because it is an intermediary company with diverse knowledge and experience.
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