Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Aki Takada POP-UP MARCHE” will be held to commemorate the release of “Aki Hanana 2022”, the second sake produced by Aki Takada! !

Repro Entertainment Inc.
“Aki Takada POP-UP MARCHE” will be held to commemorate the release of “Aki Hanana 2022”, the second sake produced by Aki Takada! ! Watch the World Cup while getting tipsy while drinking Shuka Shichi! “I want to drink with the director!”

Shu Takada (31), who belongs to our company, produced the second sake “Akihana-AKIHANA-” last year for the first time. Two types will be sold on September 23rd, his birthday. To commemorate the release, “Autumn Takada POP-UP MARCHE” is being held on November 25th (Friday) and 27th (Sunday) at Kanda Awajicho “Waterasu”. The event is a collaboration with “Watekatu” (wateras regular event series that started in the fall of 2022) sponsored by Awaji Area Management. [Image 1d41036-421-d20a2c6d86ea18eeb4c6-0.jpg&s3=41036-421-00fd4c8846581f7dd6ec40ce946a0eb1-1479x1109.jpg
Event details: At this event, Aki Takada will appear on Radio NACK5 “Choisaki” and Radio Japan “FEEL SHU NICE!” Various events such as pop-up marche will be held, and Aki Takada will also be in the store as a salesperson. Tasting and purchase of “Shukashichi 2022” and sale of “Shukanachi sake lees curry (scallops)”, a special collaboration with “Gotoken”, a long-established restaurant in Hakodate, Hokkaido, which conveys the same taste since its establishment in 1889. are being implemented. At the media event held this time, when asked about the thoughts and commitments behind the release of the second “Akihana Shichi 2022”, “This time, it’s pure rice, but it’s somewhat fruity and gorgeous. I made a sake that sticks to it. The taste is also quite different (from the first one)”
Regarding the recommended points of the pop-up marche, “Of course, Shuka Shichi is a market, but the market is full of delicious Hokkaido foods. When you think of Hakodate, Hokkaido, you think of squid. I chose a snack that goes well with Shuka Shichi, which is a specialty of Hakodate.Also, Shuka Shichi curry, which is a collaboration with Gotoken, who is known to everyone in Hakodate, is delicious, so please try it.” It seems that delicious things from Hokkaido are lined up. [Image 2d41036-421-ab60d8334ab0af5a0068-1.jpg&s3=41036-421-0166d87a8c8c8d6714fc232a06c66c6e-1479x1109.jpg
In addition, a business card exchange meeting was held in Kanda, a city of salaried workers, as Aki Takada, producer of Akika Shichi, as part of a project on Youtube. I’m trying to see how many people I can exchange business cards with in a day, but I’m surprised that not many people walk around with business cards. Right now, it’s about 50, but I’m 45. It felt like I exchanged with about 300 people, but I was able to talk to each person carefully.” Since it is a plan to go to Hawaii, I think that the manager who thought of it was thinking that it would be impossible, but as expected, I am also struggling. I was. The business card exchange project will be announced in “Autumn Takada’s Tipsy Feeling”, so please check it out.
“Autumn Takada feeling tipsy”:
[Image 3d41036-421-af2cca67ffa0708bb3d2-3.jpg&s3=41036-421-73460836933d1bc45ea306a428314ec3-1479x1109.jpg
Furthermore, when asked about what was left unfinished in 2022, Takada said, “This event was originally supposed to be held in September, but it was postponed, and the best thing is that we were able to hold this event safely. I have no regrets. That’s it,” he said of his thoughts on this event. Regarding what he wants to challenge in 2023, he said, “I want more people to know about Akihana Shichi. So, I want more people to know about it,” he enthusiastically said.
When asked by a reporter if he had watched the World Cup, he said, “I was drinking Akihana Shichi. When I first scored one goal, I thought I couldn’t do it without drinking, so I opened it. I couldn’t keep my composure, so I opened it and drank it. When I got tipsy, I scored one point, so I screamed. It was fun to play soccer while drinking lightly and getting tipsy.” I made it clear that I was watching. When asked which player he would like to drink with, he said, “I want to drink with the manager!
[Image 4d41036-421-f52125f62dead66d36d9-2.jpg&s3=41036-421-171a4f3ac793cdad4ed31f27faebee89-1479x1109.jpg
-Aki Takada-
Date of birth: September 23, 1991
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Hobbies: Visiting standing bars, calligraphy, playing with children Special Skills/Qualifications: Sake taster, sake quality appraiser, wine sommelier, wine quality appraiser,
Nursery Teacher Class 2 License, Kindergarten Teacher Class 2 License, Elementary School Teacher Class 2 License, etc.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Repro Entertainment Inc.
Official website:
Details about this release:


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