Reproduce the finest shampoo of “DROAS” with “superb sound” “5.1ch ASMR” Cinead will be screened for the first time in Japan

Cinebridge Co., Ltd.
Reproduce the finest shampoo of “DROAS” with “superb sound” “5.1ch ASMR” Cinead will be screened for the first time in Japan

Cinebridge Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomoki Tani) utilizes 30 movie theaters nationwide and operates I-ne Co., Ltd. (Location: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Yohei Onishi). We are pleased to announce that the “5.1ch ASMR CM” of the clay beauty brand “DROAS” developed by will be screened for the first time in Japan from November 11, 2022 (Friday).
Media Dept Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Soichiro Narisawa) and Nomad Tokyo (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Representatives: Yoshinori Fujisawa and Masato Midorikawa) are in charge of the planning and production of this commercial. In addition, Cinebridge Co., Ltd. is in charge of theater coordination for Cinead screenings.
* “”5.1ch ASMR” will be screened as Cinead for the first time in Japan” = Research by Cinebridge Co., Ltd.
* “Cinead” = “Corporate commercials” that play before movie screenings at movie theaters
[Image 1

With the theme of “Mud head spa that melts your brain”, the finest shampoo time delivered by DROAS was shot with “5.1ch ASMR recording”. From the pleasant auditory stimuli of the foaming sound of shampoo and the sound of a massage, we have expressed the effectiveness of DROAS’s refreshing washing and the effectiveness of mud ingredients for winter hair troubles.
In the shooting studio, we set up a shampoo stand and multiple microphones to surround it, and recorded the sound of shampoo foam that washes every corner of the head and the breath that leaks out during a comfortable shampoo time with a lot of realism. After watching it, you can get a relive experience that makes you want to shampoo your own head.
[Image 2

                       ※Commercial shooting scenery
In addition, the movie theater will be selected as the best place to provide a higher immersive experience to the audience, and Japan’s first “5.1ch ASMR Cinead” will be screened.
[CM overview]
-Title: [DRO-ASMR]
●Cinead Screening:
Screening period: November 11, 2022 (Friday) to November 24, 2022 (Thursday) Screening movie: “Suzume no Toshimari” (screened before the main screening) Screening movie theaters: 30 theaters nationwide (Hokkaido, Miyagi, Akita, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Fukushima, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Niigata, Toyama, Nagano, Gifu, Aichi, Osaka Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Oita Prefecture)
* The number of movie theaters where this Cinead is shown varies depending on each prefecture.
*Please contact Cinebridge Co., Ltd. for details on Cinead screenings (screening theaters, etc.).
* Please refrain from contacting the movie theater or movie theater staff regarding this matter.
* The content and period of implementation are subject to change without notice. ●Special site
■ About ASMR
ASMR is an abbreviation for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. It refers to “reactions and sensations such as pleasant, tingling sensations in the brain that people feel when they are stimulated by hearing or sight.” Sound sources (triggers) that become ASMR include the sound of chewing when eating, the sound of tapping on the keyboard, the sound of a babbling river, and the sound of rain. ■ About DROAS
With the power of DRO (mud) + AS (tomorrow, our us) mud,
Creating the beauty of our tomorrow.
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram: ■ About Nomad Tokyo
A global post-production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London. He specializes in video editing, which is the mainstream style in Europe and the United States, and not only uses editing techniques that make use of his high-quality storytelling skills, but also comprehensively produces videos that meet the needs of clients from planning to production.
■ About Media Dept Co., Ltd.
A media company that manages outdoor advertising (static billboards, digital billboards, street media, transit advertising, etc.), gathers information from all over Japan, and handles planning, sales, and production. He creates media plans that make use of his knowledge, and handles OOH media consulting.
■ About Cinebridge Co., Ltd.
An advertising agency specializing in the film industry. Their main business is in-theater promotion such as cinema adverts and lobby events. In addition, we are involved in movie theater advertisements, sales promotion campaigns, distribution advertisements, movie tie-ups, etc.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Cinebridge Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Nakamura
Phone: 03-5425-2725
Fax: 03-5425-2727

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