Resily Co., Ltd. Resily, which provides OKR tools, releases “1on1 management function”

Resily Co., Ltd.
Resily, a provider of OKR tools, releases “1on1 management function” We have officially released a management function that supports 1on1 meetings based on OKRs.

Resily Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Horie, hereinafter referred to as Resily), which provides the cloud service “Resily” that supports the introduction of the goal management method “OKR” adopted by Google, has a “1on1 management function ” will be available from November 18, 2022.
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List 1on1 schedule
Visualize the list of opponents who frequently do 1on1. Since you can immediately see when you went last time and whether the next schedule is set, you can prevent forgetting to do 1on1. To create a schedule, simply specify the user selection, date and time, and meeting URL. Streamline the hassle of 1on1 scheduling.

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Register what you want to talk about in advance
Both bosses and subordinates can register in advance what they want to talk about in 1on1. If you share information in advance, you can make more effective use of your 1on1 time. This will prevent you from forgetting to talk or prolonging the conversation.

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Real-time sharing of notes during 1on1
You can take notes on what you talked about in 1on1 with the document function that shares the written contents in real time. It shortens the time to check whether there are any discrepancies in the understanding of both parties and to review the content of the conversation. You can also create notes that are not shared with the other party, such as personnel evaluation information.

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You can immediately look back on past 1on1 minutes
From the screen during 1on1, you can look back on the past 1on1 minutes in a list. You can check it in chronological order, making it easy to look back. The date and time of the 1on1 is also recorded, so you will never lose track of when it was a memo.

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You can talk while checking the progress of OKRs
You can check the OKR dashboard on the 1on1 screen. This is a function unique to the OKR tool Resily, which allows you to conduct 1on1 while checking the progress of your subordinates toward their goals.

For those who want to know more about 1on1
If you want to know more about 1on1, please refer to this article. “Purpose of 1on1 meeting at OKR! I will also introduce the points”
What are OKRs
About OKR:
OKR is a goal management method adopted by Google and Mercari, and is an abbreviation for Objective & Key Results. The company and each department/team set goals (=Objective) that they want to achieve and multiple quantitative indicators (=Key Result) to measure the progress toward the goals, and by linking them to each other and disclosing them to the entire company, Focus forces on company priorities. What is “Resily”?
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Product site:
Resily is a cloud system tool that collects, organizes, and visualizes the status of goals to be achieved in all internal projects. In various in-house projects, you can easily understand the goals that members should achieve, their progress, and the results, clarify priorities, and take appropriate actions.
It is a new form of goal management realized by technology, which contributes greatly to the growth of the organization and people by preparing a co-creation environment for work by sharing information between members in real time.
Introduction of Representative Director Masahiro Horie
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Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Letters in 2010. Joined Sansan Co., Ltd. after graduating from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies. After engaging in corporate sales, experienced product manager. You realize that a lot of waste occurs in your work because you can’t see the priorities of the company and other departments. Founded Resily Co., Ltd. in 2017 with the idea that “I want everyone to be convinced and move on to the next action in the direction the company is aiming for.”

About Resily Inc.
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With the mission of “starting team conversations to create the future”, we provide “Resily”, a cloud service that “deepens empathy for company-wide goals” centered on the goal management method called OKR. The team will experience various difficulties in the process of reaching the goal. How far have we come and how should we move forward? By confirming these with the team and deciding on the next step together, empathy for the goals necessary to face a big challenge is born. At Resily, we provide a workspace where teams can start conversations and create empathy for their goals to shape the future. [Image 10


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