Resource Creation Co., Ltd. Viewed by 4.01 million people per month Our own Instagram account has exceeded 80,000 followers!

Resource Creation Co., Ltd.
[Viewed by 4.01 million people per month] Our own Instagram account has exceeded 80,000 followers!

Resource Creation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keitaro Takada, hereinafter referred to as our company), which operates the recruiting-specific SNS operation agency service “Airiku” (hereinafter referred to as this service), has 2022 followers on its Instagram account. We are pleased to inform you that the account has exceeded 80,000 people on Tuesday, November 15, 2020, and has become an account viewed by 4.01 million people per month. (*Results from October 17 to November 16, 2022)
We are developing an SNS operation agency service for the purpose of recruitment. Job-hunting students in the 2000s, known as “Generation Z,” are also called “smartphone natives” or “SNS natives,” and are a generation that has grown up feeling close to digital devices. There are many students who use SNS in their job hunting activities to collect information about companies while considering the “real image of employees” that cannot be understood only through websites and recruiting media. Companies tend to do recruitment branding using SNS to better convey employees and corporate culture, in addition to recruiting media and recruitment sites.
The company has 81,000 Instagram followers and 93,000 TikTok followers, for a total of 174,000 followers. Utilizing the know-how of SNS operation that we have accumulated in-house, our team specializing in SNS operation will support the recruitment of companies through this service “Airik”.
Our case
Followers: 81,000
Impressions: 22.98 million
Reach: 4.01 million people
(October 17-November 16, 2022)
Followers: 93,000
Impressions: 7 million
(October 17-November 16, 2022)
* Impressions/number of impressions
* Number of reach / number of viewers
It can be seen that the total of Instagram and TikTok is viewed about 30 million times per month. In addition, the total number of followers of our SNS accounts (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) is over 400,000. Furthermore, the total number of views of short videos has exceeded 400 million.
SNS Job Hunting for Generation Z
82.7% of job hunters (584 graduates in 2023) answered “yes” to the question, “Do you think you need a corporate SNS account for job hunting?” It can be seen that companies’ SNS accounts are
indispensable for job hunting in recent years, such as “you can feel the real scenery and corporate culture” and “easy to gather
information”. The current situation is changing from “nice to have” to “must have”, and we are convinced that our company’s SNS operation influences our recruiting ability.
( Future prospects
Companies that are not successful in hiring can use SNS to
differentiate themselves from other companies. “Airlik” is a service that conducts thorough analysis of competitors and strategic SNS operation by our hands, and has a track record of introduction to various companies such as the food and beverage industry and the dispatch industry. We would like to introduce “Airik” to companies that are having trouble recruiting young people, and we would like to support their recruitment branding.
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Company Profile
Company name: Resource Creation Co., Ltd.
Representative: Keitaro Takada
Headquarters: 7th and 8th floors, Union Koishikawa 2nd Building, 2-1-1 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 2015
Capital: 10 million yen
Business description: Human resources solution business/SNS
business/Marketing business/Creative business
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