Review Co., Ltd. Survey report What is your favorite Ghibli movie? The first place is “My Neighbor Totoro”!

Review Co., Ltd.
[Survey report] What is your favorite Ghibli movie? The first place is “My Neighbor Totoro”!

The information media “Sublogg” ( operated by Review Co., Ltd. ( is aimed at people in their teens and older all over Japan. We conducted a questionnaire survey on “favorite Ghibli movies”.
We will publish the results.
Survey outline
Survey target: Men and women in their teens and older
Survey date: November 2022
Research agency: In-house research
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of people surveyed: 100 (16 men and 84 women)
*When quoting the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Sublogg” (
Summary of survey results
When I surveyed my favorite Ghibli movies by questionnaire, the first place was “My Neighbor Totoro”.
Others will be introduced in the ranking format.
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■ About Review Co., Ltd.
We operate the information site “Sublogg (” that is useful for daily life.
We also operate a YouTube channel, manage owned media, and operate a personal gym.
■Company profile
Company name: Review Co., Ltd.
Location: GS Sakae Building 3F, 5-26-39 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Representative: Satoru Toda, Representative Director
Established: January 5, 2022
Capital: 1 million yen
Business description: Operation of web media
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