REVOX Co., Ltd. Addition of new functions to AI estimate “SellBOT” for 2D drawings

REVOX Co., Ltd.
2D drawing AI estimate “SellBOT” new function added
NEW! Implementation of evaluation system for similar search results
REVOX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Takamasa Miyaki), which develops and sells systems aimed at solving problems in the manufacturing industry, is a 2D drawing AI estimation system “SellBOT”. We updated the site and implemented a new evaluation system for similar search results! [Image 1

This time, a new evaluation function [☑️ / ❌] has been added to the similar search results of SellBOT. If you evaluate drawings with a high degree of similarity with ” ☑️”, AI will learn and you will be able to obtain more accurate estimates and similar search results. ▼New screen for similar search results
[Image 2

[Image 3

■ Introduction of SellBOT
“SellBOT” is a 2D drawing automatic quotation system developed by REVOX to solve the problems in the quotation work for parts processing drawings for high-mix low-volume production.
We support various industries that use 2D drawings, centering on “machine cutting”, “sheet metal processing”, “surface treatment processing”, and “mold processing” in the metal processing industry. SellBOT solves the problems of small and medium-sized manufacturers such as “estimation takes time”, “variation in estimates”, “oversight in ordering”, “difficult to generate profits”, and “labor shortage”. ■ Four features of SellBOT
Just enter the size and quantity! 2D drawing AI estimation that learns more and more
Equipped with a similarity search function for 2D drawings
Centralized management of customer requests for quotations, responses to quotations, orders, and material orders (EDI function)
Calculation of material costs is linked with Hakudo Co., Ltd.’s “Hakudo Net Service” (calculation with your own master is also possible)
■ SellBOT product overview
Name: SellBOT
Sales form: Subscription contract (monthly basis)
Product site:
Development and sales: REVOX Co., Ltd.
[Image 4

【Company Profile】
Company name: REVOX Co., Ltd.
Location: 135-1 Hanzaemon Shinden, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture Inside Plaport Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takamasa Miyaki
Established: November 2021
Business description: Development and sales of systems for the manufacturing industry

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