Ricoh Co., Ltd. Ricoh to exhibit at Construction DX Exhibition

Ricoh Company, Ltd
Ricoh Exhibits at Construction DX Exhibition
-Proposing technologies and solutions that contribute to DX at construction sites-

Ricoh Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Yoshinori Yamashita) will exhibit at the “Construction DX Exhibition (Tokyo Exhibition)” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 5th (Monday) to 7th (Wednesday), 2022. . This exhibition is a specialized exhibition where DX (Digital Transformation) technology in the construction industry will be exhibited under one roof, and general contractors, subcontractors, construction companies, etc. will visit for the purpose of introducing products and technologies. At this exhibition, we will exhibit solutions that contribute to DX and productivity improvement in the construction industry, developed and provided by applying the wide range of technologies that Ricoh has cultivated so far.
[Image 1d39649-112-5526b70be5ebe3a40696-4.jpg&s3=39649-112-ae16f18b9547fb6dfb72c0b6d95a90c0-587x587.jpg
-RICOH eWhiteBoard 4200-
[Image 2d39649-112-a5e12036538cf78bd5c6-5.png&s3=39649-112-dcb0ec7526812adb16718fceb9bc0de1-507x508.png
-RICOH Remote Field-
[Image 3d39649-112-06857a985a2943138e91-6.png&s3=39649-112-4efb7b8ca3b2c7d463555cb2b410e556-280x156.png
[Image 4d39649-112-832d881086130573df86-7.jpg&s3=39649-112-2ade1868ad18d8a5746d90e965573ce4-215x214.jpg
-One-shot 3D reconstruction device-
[Image 5d39649-112-8acced75c3ffca4d15a4-8.png&s3=39649-112-152e4422a3dc841fef22e9f9c30fd1e6-444x443.png
-RICOH Virtual Workplace-
[Image 6d39649-112-e24d31c726ee3e759d04-9.jpg&s3=39649-112-7488cb9ba29d23058997fba71d7eeac9-190x189.jpg
-RICOH Image Pointer GP01-
Exhibit contents
l Ricoh Digital Service Business Unit (RDS)
Leveraging our strengths in contact with customers, we are
contributing to the construction of digital workflows and the improvement of business processes by connecting our customers’ workplaces, which are expanding from offices to remote environments and on-site, with the power of digital technology. This time, we will exhibit the RICOH eWhiteboard 4200, a large electronic paper that is used in the field, and the RICOH Remote Field, a 360-degree two-way live distribution system.
l Ricoh Futures Business Unit (RFS)
We will introduce a high-value-added 360-degree image service that leverages Ricoh’s unique strength of being able to develop both hardware (cameras) and software (digital services). This time, we will introduce the RICOH THETA X, a 360-degree camera equipped with a liquid crystal touch panel that pursues even greater ease of use, and the RICOH360 Tours cloud service, which allows you to place 360-degree photos of construction sites on drawings and easily share them with related parties. ” will be exhibited.
l Advanced Technology Laboratory
Aiming to provide services that realize new ways of working, we are working on the development of cutting-edge technologies that will lead the next generation. This time, we will exhibit a one-shot 3D reconstruction device and an AI that utilizes spatial data.
Ricoh is promoting the TRIBUS project, inviting innovators from inside and outside the company and utilizing Ricoh’s resources to lead to innovation. This time, we proceeded to the commercialization step from this, with the solution “RICOH Virtual Workplace” that can reproduce the customer’s arbitrary space in VR and everyone can gather in that space using a VR headset. We will exhibit the RICOH Image Pointer GP01, a pocket-sized, handheld projector.
Exhibition overview
Name: Construction DX Exhibition
Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd.
Date: December 5th (Mon) to 7th (Wed), 2022
Location: Tokyo Big Sight
|About the Ricoh Group|
The Ricoh Group supports customers’ digital transformation and provides digital services, printing and imaging solutions that help their businesses succeed in approximately 200 countries and regions around the world (Group consolidated sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 20211 682 billion yen). imagine. change. For more than 85 years since our founding, we have been close to our customers’ work. We will continue to contribute to the improvement of human resources and the realization of a sustainable society.
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