Ricoh Co., Ltd. Ricoh’s apparel brand RANGORIE, which “creates jobs for women in rural India,” has launched its first locally produced product in India.

Ricoh Company, Ltd
Ricoh’s apparel brand RANGORIE, which “creates jobs for women in rural India,” launched its first locally produced product in India. – Realized in collaboration with local professional women’s group “Amayra” –
Ricoh Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshinori Yamashita) launched the apparel brand “RANGORIE” (hereafter, Rangori), which was born from a new business creation program. Amaira)”, and the first product “Amaira Bra Top” produced at a local workshop
manufactured by Amaira will be released at the Langoli Online Shop from Friday, November 18, 2022. “Amaira Bra Top” will be the first product manufactured by Langoli in India.

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Rangoli is an apparel brand that produces and sells ethnic wear with Indian colors and patterns for the purpose of creating jobs for women living in rural India. In rural India, due to the custom of giving a dowry, which is called dowry, women are not considered to contribute to the household budget, and as a result, the status of women is low. In order to get out of such a situation, there are many women who learn sewing techniques in order to get a job, but the lack of orders has become a social issue due to issues with sales force and brand power. Therefore, Rangoli cooperates with DRISHTEE*, an Indian social enterprise/NGO, and launches a sewing workshop with women who have acquired sewing skills in Bhagalpur, Bihar, and is working on the manufacture and sale of apparel with original designs. . This time, we have selected “Amaira”, one of the women’s group “MEG (Micro Enterprise Group)” consisting of women who have graduated from a sewing school hosted by Dristi, as a local production base in India, manufacturing products and exporting to Japan. Started exporting. * A social enterprise/NGO that realizes income improvement in rural India through technical training and value chain construction Product Name: Amaira Bra Top
Sales period: Sales start from Friday, November 18, 2022
Sales location: Langorie Online Store Price range: ¥9,900 (tax included)
■About local production in India by “Amaira”
 In January 2022, we visited the site and selected “Amaila”, which has the highest sewing technology and motivation among the 13 MEG, as the local production partner. When launching the “Amaira” workshop, Ricoh contributed 82% and Amaira 18% of the start-up capital. 18% of Amaila’s funding is in the form of microfinance, interest-free loans from Driciti. Amaira is obligated to repay this loan, and in order to continue production consignment from Ricoh, we are highly motivated in terms of quality and delivery.

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■ Future prospects
We will continue to support women in India by getting production at the local workshop on track and increasing the proportion of locally manufactured products among rangoli products. In addition, we will work to further expand sales by further expanding product sales from the current online shop and limited-time POP UP stores, and by developing new channels such as sports shops and yoga studios.

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