RIKEN x Editing Engineering Laboratory Series 6 “Kagakudo 100 Books 2022” announced! This year’s theme is information, light, and the history of science.

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[RIKEN x Editing Engineering Laboratory] Series 6 “Kagakudo 100 Books 2022” announced! This year’s theme is information, light, and the history of science.
100 good books selected by RIKEN researchers and book professionals, Knitting Lab.

Kagakudo 100 Books Project by RIKEN, the only comprehensive research institute for natural science in Japan, and the Editorial Engineering Laboratory, which pursues the possibilities of books. Through books, we introduce 100 selected books every year with the aim of delivering the way of life and thinking of scientists, and the fun and splendor of science. This time, we will announce the 6th series “Kagakudo 100 books 2022”.
Update the official website of “Kagakudo 100 Books” upon release. You can also see the introductions of all 100 volumes and the comments recommended by RIKEN researchers.
Science is becoming more and more important as the times change. We hope that this project will spark an interest in science among junior and senior high school students.

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History of the Kagakudo 100 Books Project
The “Science Road 100 Books” project, which began in 2017, has held fairs at bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions nationwide, providing many people with an encounter with good science books. It was very well received, and from 2019, it was restarted as an annual project in order to continuously convey the diverse appeal of science to a wide range of people, mainly junior high and high school students.
The 2019, 2020, and 2021 fairs will be held at approximately 500 libraries, educational institutions, and bookstores nationwide. In 2020, it won the Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion).
About “Kagakudo 100 Books 2022”
The 100 books consist of 50 “theme books” and 50 “Kagakudo Classics”, just like last year.
▼ 100 book lineup list


●Theme book
Selected based on three axes, such as current scientific topics. We choose books from a different angle every year to convey the diverse interests of science. The themes for 2022 are “Information Century”, “Chasing the Light”, and “Science History Time Travel”.
The century of information…the age where everything is processed with data. 16 books that will give you a new perspective on
Chasing after light… Light that is both waves and particles. 16 books that approach the identity that is hard to grasp.
History of Science Time Travel…Mankind has evolved through science. 18 books to enjoy the historical journey of 70,000 years.
Kagakudo Classics
All-Time Best 50, selected as good books that will not get old even after the times.The 50 books that have become standard since they were selected at the 2019 book selection conference.
You can also see the booklet on the official website.
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Theme book selection advisor
In selecting the theme books for 2022, 12 RIKEN researchers and directors who are familiar with each theme acted as book selection advisors and decided on 50 books based on recommendations.
▼List of book selection advisors on the official website
1. Information century
Sayako Nagabe [Technical Staff II, Statistical Genetics Team, Goal-Oriented Fundamental Technology Research Group, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project]
Kentaro Sano [Team Leader, Processor Research Team, RIKEN Center for Computational Science]
Masahiro Taichi [Deputy Director, RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research] Katsuyuki Yunoki [Team Leader, Integrative Cell Systems Research Team, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences]
2. Chasing the Light
Kyoko Ishizaka [Team Leader, Electronic State Spectroscopy Research Team, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science]
Takuo Tanaka [Senior Researcher, Tanaka Metamaterials Laboratory, Pioneering Research Division]
Yasua Minamide [Team Leader, Terahertz Light Source Research Team, Photonics Research Center]
Eriko Nango [Team Leader, Molecular Video Research Team, SACLA Application Technology Development Group, Application Technology Development Research Division, RIKEN SPring-8 Center]
3. Science history time travel
Atsushi Iriki [Team Leader, Laboratory for Symbolic Concept
Development, RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research]
Hiroyoshi Sakurai [Director, RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science] Makiko Naka [Executive Director, RIKEN]
Akihiko Nakano [Special Advisor, Photonics Research Center]
*In Japanese syllabary order
“Kagakudo 100 Books 2022” Fairs Nationwide
From November 19th, the “Science Road 100 Books 2022” fair will be held at public libraries, educational institutions, and large bookstores nationwide (550 locations planned). Booklets are
distributed at the store. Please come and visit us.
Large bookstores in major cities holding fairs (part)
Junkudo Bookstore Ikebukuro Main Store (November 19, 2022-January 15, 2023. 7th floor science and technology bookstore)
Maruzen & Junkudo Bookstore Sapporo store (November 30, 2022 – January 31, 2023. Science and engineering bookstore on the first basement floor)
MARUZEN & Junkudo Bookstore Umeda store (December 1, 2022-January 2, 2023. 6th floor science and technology bookstore)
Maruzen Kyoto Main Store (December 1, 2022-January 31, 2023. B2 floor topic book corner)
Junkudo Bookstore Sannomiya Ekimae store (November 30, 2022-January 7, 2023. Natural science shelf aisle fair shelf, etc.)
Other holding organizations can be viewed from the official website. https://kagakudo100.jp/fair
“Kagakudo 100 Books 2022” fair participation groups are being recruited We are looking for libraries, educational institutions, and various organizations that want to hold “Kagakudo 100 Books 2022”.
Participating organizations will be provided with a set of bookshelf tools and booklets free of charge.
▼ For details such as participation conditions, please see the “Contact Us” page on the official website.
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Kagakudo 100 Twitter & Instagram
The official mascot Kagakudo Hakase provides information about fairs and science and books. Please take a look.
Kagakudo 100 Twitter: https://twitter.com/kagakudo100
Kagakudo 100 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kagakudo100 Contact information for this matter
Editing Engineering Laboratory Kagakudo 100 books
E-mail: info[at]kagakudo100.jp
*Please replace [at] with @.

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