RimTech With the cooperation of Yokohama City, we will collect more speech data! ! Risk management DX that detects lack of sleep from speech and reduces traffic accidents

Rim Tech
[With the cooperation of Yokohama City, we will collect more speech data! ! ] Risk management DX that detects lack of sleep from speech and reduces traffic accidents
Collect data from firefighters. The amount of data collected so far has exceeded 2,000. We aim to reduce traffic accidents caused by sleep deprivation through technology that predicts the likelihood of sleepiness based on speech.

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Yokohama, CEO: Kanji Okazaki, hereinafter “RimTech”) has been selected for “BAK NEW NORMAL PROJECT 2022” by “Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK)” sponsored by Kanagawa Prefecture. it was done. In collaboration with Genext Co., Ltd., we will develop a “Risk management DX (hereinafter referred to as “this project”) that detects sleep deprivation from spoken voice and reduces traffic accidents” to create new businesses in anticipation of post-corona. We are.
With the cooperation of the city of Yokohama, we will install tablets at the Yokohama City Fire Department and start collecting speech data from firefighters. With the cooperation of Yokohama City, the total number of voice collection participants in this project is expected to exceed 240. The amount of data collected so far has exceeded 2,000. RimTech aims to reduce traffic accidents caused by sleep deprivation by developing “technology that predicts the possibility of becoming sleepy based on speech” by utilizing risk measurement technology. [Image 1d57103-27-3891e216c5c8ccfbf73b-0.jpg&s3=57103-27-7611c614fb03bbd5f5434175421091ae-651x365.jpg
■ Image of data collection
Collects spoken audio data using internet-connected devices. The timing to collect is “at work”, “before taking a nap”, and “at the time of leaving work”. A dedicated web application developed by RimTech is used to collect utterance voice data, and each time it is collected, it is analyzed by the AI ​​voice analysis engine Motivel, and the state of emotions and motivation can be understood
[Image 2d57103-27-16b18ee07b3849023bb3-1.jpg&s3=57103-27-5c787c0903d075fa125dac2dc0ab4def-2536x982.jpg
(Note) The application image is an image and is different from the user interface used for actual data collection.
■ Development of voice data collection technology
RimTech has developed voice data collection technology to predict risk events. In this project, we use these technologies to collect voice data in a simple, speedy, and data-capacity-reducing manner. Since it uses a web browser, it is possible to collect voice data from various devices. In addition, by operating on a cloud platform, we are able to collect voice data flexibly at low cost. The voice analysis technology can also be implemented on edge terminals.
■ Cumulative number of participants
With the cooperation of Yokohama City, the total number of voice collection participants in this project is expected to exceed 240. -Municipalities cooperating as of November 2022-
・Yokosuka City (October 2022 ~, end of collection)
・Odawara City (from November 2022)
・ Sagamihara City (from November 2022)
・Atsugi City (from November 2022)
・Yokohama City (from November 2022)
■ Voice analysis engine “Motible”
RimTech develops and provides a “risk management platform” that supports the construction and operation of an organization’s “risk management, compliance, and governance” systems. The AI ​​voice analysis engine “Motival” is a product that forms a risk management platform. In addition to spoken voice, it has a function to analyze various sounds. Currently, it is mainly used as a variety of solutions to reduce risks related to people through human sensing.
■ Background of this project
The annual number of traffic accidents in Japan is about 300,000 (2021), which is a significant decrease from the peak of about 950,000 (2001), but there is still a lot of room for further decline. . Recently, the Road Traffic Law was revised in April 2022, and alcohol checks are becoming stricter. Also, in 2018, the Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business Transportation Regulations and the Freight Vehicle Transportation Business Transportation Safety Regulations were revised to prohibit the use of sleep-deprived crew members.
On the other hand, it is also true that due to the tightening of regulations, the burden of work related to safety management for crew members is increasing. A new solution using DX is required to reduce the work load while ensuring safety.
RimTech provides the speech analysis engine “Motival” for reducing human risks. As an example of the use of “Motivel,” we succeeded in visualizing the stress of President Putin of Russia from speech data (Note).
(Note) Reference article: March 31, 2022 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Mr. Putin’s voice “tensed” due to the invasion 40% increase in stress during normal times
https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOUC2856X0Y2A320C2000000/ ■ Demonstration experiment companies
Adopted companies:
Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. https://rimtech.co.jp/ With the mission of “creating a safe and secure society with risk management solutions”, we are working to reduce the various risks that society faces. In addition to developing and providing a risk management platform, we also provide voice analysis services such as our in-house developed voice analysis engine “Motival”. 2020 Kanagawa Startup Acceleration Program (KSAP) Adopted (Kanagawa Prefecture), 2020 YOXO Accelerator Program Adopted (Yokohama City), 2020 Plug and Play Adopted, 2021 Yokohama Business Grand Prix General Category Excellence Award (Yokohama City ), 2021 ICF Business Acceleration Program Grand Prize (Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.).
Collaborating companies:
Genext Co., Ltd. https://genext.co.jp/
With the mission of “creating a society where people can live safely and without accidents,” we have released the cloud-based vehicle management system “AI-Contact” that promotes safe driving. Selected for the 2018 Kanagawa Startup Acceleration Program (KSAP) (Kanagawa Prefecture), and won the 2021 Kanagawa Business Audition (Kanagawa Prefectural Governor’s Award).
■ What is Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK)?
In Kanagawa Prefecture, we participate in partner companies, venture companies, research institutes, support organizations, etc. with the aim of creating business collaboration projects between partner companies with bases in the prefecture and high-quality venture companies, and forming a community for open innovation. We are hosting the association “BAK”. BAK provides support for commercialization by matching partner companies and venture companies based on the issues companies face and themes they want to achieve.
[Image 3d57103-27-c8661b6ca9816a14a6ba-5.png&s3=57103-27-8ad2a2071d7753f1c72f5d982938d481-612x322.png
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd.
public relations
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