Rise Square Co., Ltd. Niko Golf, a membership-based indoor simulation golf driving range, is now open in Higashi-Osaka!

Rise Square Co., Ltd.
Niko Golf, a membership-based indoor simulation golf driving range, is now open in Higashiosaka!
Opened 24-hour private simulation golf driving range “Nico Golf” in Higashi-Osaka City.

Rise Square Co., Ltd. (Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Eikazu Baba) will open a 24-hour private simulation golf driving range “Nico Golf (https://nicogolf.net/)” in Higashiosaka City in November 2022. We will reopen on Saturday, March 19th.
Born as a playground for adults to enjoy golf seriously
[Image 1d53076-16-b9015f28ce8b11b25efe-0.jpg&s3=53076-16-598e81278ab208545668a792240fa532-1500x1000.jpg
Even if you are alone, anytime.
Nico Golf was born from the desire to play golf seriously and create a luxury playground for adults.
Simulation golf on the big screen makes you feel like you’re playing on a real course. You can enjoy it with your friends and acquaintances just like a real golf course.
Also, in practice mode, you can check your swing while viewing various data such as trajectory trajectory, swing trajectory, ball speed, etc. Luxurious relaxing space
[Image 2d53076-16-77d056d1a4107b2a8b3e-10.jpg&s3=53076-16-e09177b23f4adc473aceb7f55e1a4a3d-1500x1000.jpg
Next to our simulated golf equipment, we offer a luxurious relaxing space. After practicing alone, relax while reconfirming the video. I cherish that kind of time.
It can also be used as a business meeting space.
After the business negotiations are over, it is also possible to use it such as “Let’s have a little round to deepen friendship”. Features of Niko Golf
■ Set up the latest model club
[Image 3d53076-16-e265e2820f0ab283542b-3.jpg&s3=53076-16-1f3bfa8334ab21273328a2931684fced-500x500.jpg
You can bring your own clubs for rounds and practice. Of course, it is OK to have a trial shot at a permanent club. We will replace and install the latest model clubs.
■ Fully equipped with left-hand batting
[Image 4d53076-16-c50ef9a30af88e2c9966-1.jpg&s3=53076-16-37844f0c5d020269012070e2fd87714a-500x500.jpg
Unusually for simulation golf equipment, it is also equipped with a left-handed batting station.
■ 3 parking spaces available
[Image 5d53076-16-0658af6dd88a54d88698-12.jpg&s3=53076-16-54e19f9079fcd8157563a630c37d481b-3900x2925.jpg
Unlike other station front simulation facilities, the parking lot is also equipped with 3 cars in front of you. Facilities are also on the first floor. You can play as soon as you get off the parking lot. ■ Complete membership system limited to 80 people
[Image 6d53076-16-88c73fabaddaab3cbac6-4.jpg&s3=53076-16-00eda04e407f7f30d06131267c960a74-500x500.jpg
We operate with a limit of 80 people so that there will be no complaints such as “I can’t make a reservation!”
■Completely unmanned smartphone payment
[Image 7d53076-16-eb091ea4cc55efc078ca-5.jpg&s3=53076-16-39c307e618a443e07f97a46a87973a11-500x500.jpg
With just one smartphone, you can complete everything from reservation to payment to equipment keys to registration.
■ Versatile monitor
[Image 8d53076-16-bf2051e50335da78011b-6.jpg&s3=53076-16-7033cc711a11b08d505ea3ec91f9235d-500x500.jpg
A large monitor is installed in the lounge. It is expected to be used in various ways, such as watching videos and checking your own swing. We are also planning to install equipment that allows for web conferencing.
Opening commemorative campaign in progress
The following campaign is being held as a limited benefit for those who register by the end of December 2022.
1,Regular admission fee of 10,000 yen is free
2, 20% off monthly membership fee (2 months after joining)
3, Golf ball 1 sleep gift (* will be mailed to the registered address at a later date)
* Even during the campaign, we will close the application when the number of members reaches 80 people.
Flow from free trial to start of use
You can register as a new member and apply for a free trial through the official website (https://nicogolf.net/).
After the free trial, you can log in from My Page and change to a plan that suits your needs as a main member.
After registering as a main member, make a reservation from the reservation system and operate the app to enter the room yourself. Rate plan
In addition to plans that can be used 24 hours a day, we also offer plans for weekdays only and evenings only, according to usage. *For details, please refer to the plan list page.
store information

[Image 9d53076-16-1024233001cfa678f805-7.jpg&s3=53076-16-801f345325604c65039cc1750b49c45a-1080x810.jpg
Store name: Nico Golf
Location: 6-1-46 Kosuri, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Parking: 3 cars on site
Business hours: 24 hours (*Free trial is from 9:00 to 21:00, last reception at 20:00)
Official website URL: https://nicogolf.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nico_nico_golf
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nico_nico_golf/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2525Nicogolf/
Message from Nico Golf Staff

[Image 10d53076-16-2803fae53a496669753c-11.jpg&s3=53076-16-0b2c080dfdf0176e6b559b05f1cd69ac-1080x810.jpg
Only one booth per facility.
Please enjoy simulation golf luxuriously.
・Those who want to practice silently while looking at the image data. ・Those who want to go around the course with friends and acquaintances. ・Those who are beginners and do not want to be seen by others. ・ Those who want to analyze their own swing data with the latest equipment. We want you to enjoy golf freely without meeting anyone and without any troublesome procedures.
Please enjoy the facilities that were created with this in mind. ■Operating company overview
Company name: Rise Square Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒581-0802 2-12-24 Kitahonmachi, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture Kitahonmachi Marushige Building 3F
Representative: Hidekazu Baba, Representative Director
Established: June 2009
Capital: 20 million yen
Business description: Temporary staffing business, restaurant business, simulation golf facility
URL: https://www.rise-square.jp/
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