Rokko Butter Co., Ltd. Limited to 13 days! QBB original goods that only people who come to Sannomiya can buy!  QBB Baby Cheese’s first pop-up store has opened in front of JR Sannomiya Station!

Rokko Butter Co., Ltd.
Limited to 13 days! QBB original goods that only people who come to Sannomiya can buy! QBB Baby Cheese’s first pop-up store has opened in front of JR Sannomiya Station!
Lots of stickers, notepads, acrylic key chains, etc. Period: November 15th (Tuesday) to November 27th (Sunday) Location: “& 3 PARK” in front of JR Sannomiya Station

Rokko Butter Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Hiroyasu Tsukamoto) will celebrate the 50th anniversary of QBB Baby Cheese on November 15 at “& 3PARK” in front of JR Sannomiya Station in Kobe City, where the head office is located. The “QBB Baby Cheese POPUP Store” will open for a limited time from Sunday (Tuesday) to November 27 (Sunday).
“QBB Baby Cheese” is our long-selling product that has been loved for half a century since its launch in 1972. For a limited time, we will sell original goods that can only be purchased here, featuring the package design of the “Baby Cheese” and the official character “Q-chan and Pleasant Friends”.
[Image 1d97662-21-9ddd0dbf738b96bc78d9-5.jpg&s3=97662-21-11d977333f7514f4334872d6656795ec-2552x1567.jpg
Store front image
QBB baby cheese POPUP store overview
Period: November 15th (Tuesday) to November 27th (Sunday)
Hours: 12:00-19:00 *12:00-17:00 on the last day, November 27th (Sun) Venue: Event space “&3PARK” on the south side of the Central Exit of JR Sannomiya Station
During the period, illustrator the rocket gold star Hideaki Yamazaki, the creator of QBB’s official character “Q-chan”, is scheduled to visit us on Wednesday, November 23rd. Detailed dates and times will be announced on our official SNS (Instagram, Twitter).

■ Store overview
This is a POPUP store for a limited time that utilizes the container booth of the event space “&3PARK” on the south side of JR Sannomiya Station Central Exit. The front of the store features the official character “Q-chan and her friends”, and the back has an impactful design inspired by the 50th anniversary label of the QBB baby cheese plain currently on sale. The cute and fun appearance and interior can be used as a photo spot. Store location: 8-301 Kumoi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City & within 3 PARK
[Image 2d97662-21-bde6da9e033d22550828-1.jpg&s3=97662-21-24a11d98da5b6d3810481b3e8347b051-3900x2058.jpg
In-store image
[Image 3d97662-21-2e895d70ddf5016bff9f-9.jpg&s3=97662-21-008a7b15e9f2464010e544e980f05c9e-1575x1169.jpg
Image of the back of the store
■ Examples of products handled
Memo pad (300 yen), notebook (400 yen), sketchbook (500 yen), clear key chain (500 yen), eco bag (500 yen), ballpoint pen (300 yen), clear file (300 yen), T-shirt ( 2,500 yen, 3,000 yen), postcards (200 yen), icing cookies (500 yen), tote bags (1,500 yen), etc. (Price includes consumption tax)
*This store does not sell real baby cheese. note that.
Product example (image)
[Image 4d97662-21-c3e6d6acfd1b936a9b29-2.jpg&s3=97662-21-508a39bee8268fefb68a706874b9e060-1142x789.jpg
[Image 5d97662-21-f7c13e9266656966289d-3.jpg&s3=97662-21-44316c62253713fc9eb11c1d18a4c83b-574x429.jpg
icing cookie
[Image 6d97662-21-352185d1eaad3b640749-7.jpg&s3=97662-21-8815f421b3d680a0472b73208bc631c4-741x573.jpg
eco bag
[Image 7d97662-21-fd37c7ad4bb1dd946b72-6.jpg&s3=97662-21-1fd48db627a360e51bbe4bc20a5cd8ee-577x417.jpg
stickers, stickers, pens
[Image 8d97662-21-fbafdd7396c2e9e252d1-8.jpg&s3=97662-21-a8c695c633afd3bc3b844854574e6a0f-914x654.jpg
[Image 9d97662-21-96dd7a3f990a4172c620-13.jpg&s3=97662-21-26b78aa88ad52a0f7415c478edb7b1d3-646x381.jpg
acrylic keychain
■ About QBB baby cheese
Since its release in 1972, “Q.B.B Baby Cheese” has been patronized by customers and is a long-selling product that celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Now, we have a total of 15 types of products (as of November 2022) that are rich in variety, such as breakfast companions, snacks, and snacks for children and adults, and we sell 250 million bottles annually. 4 piece type share No.1. (Intage SCI baby cheese 4P type market January-December 2021 purchase price share) [Image 10d97662-21-c989adb44acfe3e76ed3-10.jpg&s3=97662-21-a9e2f115793dca73fcfce2ee5c78d8ba-2266x1072.jpg
QBB baby cheese
■Company information
Company name: Rokko Butter Co., Ltd.
Established: December 13, 1948
Representative: Hirokazu Miyake, Chairman and Representative Director Hiroyasu Tsukamoto, President and Representative Director
Head office location: 1-3-13 Sakaguchi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0062 TEL: 078-231-4681 (representative)
Fax: 078-231-4678
Official website:
[Image 11d97662-21-8519b937b49f4ea368e9-11.jpg&s3=97662-21-43099238acc7394a7b73c13baf5a29cb-1732x1154.jpg
Rokko Butter Kobe Factory
■ About illustrator the rocket gold star Hideaki Yamazaki
the rocket gold star
Hideaki Yamazaki
Representative of The Rocket Gold Star Co., Ltd.
Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts. Since 1997, he has created character designs, advertisement designs, etc., and also worked on short animations. Representative works include “Waketon” by the Kobe City Environment Bureau, and finding mistakes in famous restaurant chains.
Official website
[Image 12d97662-21-00a2a3d3a44cbfbeeec0-12.jpg&s3=97662-21-f16ca040119bb0ed7a84f1be74adb279-2225x2700.jpg
Mr. Hideaki Yamazaki

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