Rosetta AI automatic translation company Rosetta Webinar “Global Sustainability of Food Companies -AI Translation Supporting ‘Local Adhesion’ of Overseas Strategy- (Encore)” held on December 5th (Friday)

AI automatic translation company Rosetta Webinar “Global
Sustainability of Food Companies-AI Translation Supporting ‘Local Adhesion’ of Overseas Strategy-(Encore)” held on December 5th (Friday)
Rosetta Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Maro Watanabe), which develops and operates high-precision AI automatic translation, will hold a free webinar “Global
Sustainability of Food Companies-Supporting “Local Adhesion” of Overseas Strategies. AI translation ~ (encore held)” will be held on Friday, December 5, 2022.

【How to apply】
Please register from the participation application form in the middle of the page.
*After registration is completed, we will send you an email with the participation URL.
In recent years, it has been increasingly recognized as part of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), but Japanese domestic companies, especially the food industry, have traditionally adopted product development and sales methods that match the local customs and markets of each country. By continuously developing the business based on it, we have been tackling various social issues in the area.
One of the challenges in these efforts is the locality of the business. In this webinar, we will introduce how to combine Rosetta’s AI translation solutions to solve problems in various business areas, from understanding local needs to local production and marketing, along with case studies.
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・I want to efficiently proceed with local research and marketing overseas ・I want to reduce the cost and time required for local language support (localization)
・Promote smooth communication with local personnel and production plants ・It takes time and effort to communicate and check with outsourced translation companies.
・I want to quickly examine/create foreign language contracts and customs documents
[Date and time]
Friday, December 5, 2022 14:00-14:40
[Holding method]
Held on Zoom.
For those who have applied for participation, we will send you a zoom url by email the day before the event.
【Entry fee】
【please note】
・Even if there are multiple participants, please apply for
participation one by one.
・Participation by other companies in the same industry or individuals may be refused.
■ About Rosetta Co., Ltd.
Rosetta develops and operates AI automatic translation under the corporate mission of “liberating our country from the spell of linguistic handicap”. Rosetta’s automatic translation has been introduced by more than 5000 companies and organizations in Japan and overseas, including pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, bio-ventures, ministries and agencies, national laboratories, universities, hospitals, chemistry, environment, energy, petroleum, food, and beverages. , agriculture, forestry and fisheries, civil engineering and construction, legal affairs, law firms, patent firms, finance, IT, communications, semiconductors, industrial machinery, electrical equipment, precision equipment, and more.
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