Rosetta Increase in trial quantity Rosetta’s real-time translation “Onyaku” carries out a limited-time campaign that allows you to try “more” for free

[Increasing trial quantity] Rosetta’s real-time translation “Onyaku” carries out a limited-time campaign that allows you to try “more” for free

Metalial Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Junichi Goseki), a subsidiary of Rosetta Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Maro Watanabe), is holding an international marketing conference ad: tech tokyo. ), we will carry out a free trial increase campaign for the real-time speech translation and subtitle display system “Onyaku” provided by the company.
Campaign site:
■ About Onyaku
“Onyaku” is a translation and minutes AI tool that translates voice and displays text in real time.
Various web conferencing systems and offline meetings can be used regardless of the situation as long as there is an Internet
environment, and it supports about 110 languages ​​that widely cover the business scene.
It is possible to display the original text and translation results in real time while recognizing and translating speech with high accuracy, and it can be used for multilingual meetings, remote work, and support for people with visual impairments.
■ About ad:tech Tokyo
This is Asia’s largest international marketing conference hosted by Comexposium Japan Co., Ltd. In 2022, the 14th time held in Japan, Rosetta’s real-time speech translation and subtitle display system “Onyaku” will be adopted in the official session at the real venue, realizing multilingual distribution of the conference program regardless of the language used by the speakers. Thank you for your use.
Official site:
■ About the campaign
You can use ad:tech tokyo’s real-time speech translation “Onyaku” free of charge for a “trial” period longer than usual.
● Overview: If you apply for a free trial within the period, we will increase the amount for “10 hours”.
●Period: Until December 31, 2022 *Ends when capacity is reached Target: Corporate customers who apply for the “Onyaku” free trial for the first time
● How to apply: Please apply from the campaign site below.
● Notes:
This campaign is limited to those who apply from the campaign site. Please note that benefits may not be applied if you apply from other than the same site.
Campaign site:

■ About Metalial Co., Ltd.
Trade name: MetaReal Corp.
Founded: February 25, 2004
Capital: 785,989,190 yen
Location: 3-7-1 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
Representative Director: Junichi Goseki
Business description: Language-free service with AI translation / real & social metaverse service
■ About Rosetta Co., Ltd.
Rosetta develops and operates AI automatic translation under the corporate mission of “freeing our country from the spell of linguistic handicap.” Rosetta’s automatic translation has been introduced by more than 5000 companies and organizations in Japan and overseas, including pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, bio-ventures, ministries and agencies, national laboratories, universities, hospitals, chemistry, environment, energy, petroleum, food, and beverages. , agriculture, forestry and fisheries, civil engineering and construction, legal affairs, law firms, patent firms, finance, IT, communications, semiconductors, industrial machinery, electrical equipment, and precision equipment.

Details about this release:


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