Rumi Shishido will be a judge for voice actor idol audition project DRAWS A DREAM! !

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Rumi Shishido will be a judge for voice actor idol audition project DRAWS A DREAM! !

In this project, which is recruiting casts for a music reading drama produced by famous creators, the project members who survived the preliminary audition from among hundreds of applicants will conduct the final screening aiming for 5 debut slots.
And it was decided that Ms. Rumi Shishido, who is a very popular voice actor and has taken the world by storm as the original voice actor idol, will join the second public judging as a judge.
The judging process will be posted on the DRAWS A DREAM official YouTube channel in addition to viewing at the venue.
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Rumi Shishido
-Representative work-
・ Ojamajo Doremi (Onpu Segawa)
・ Neighborhood Story (Mikako Koda)
・Boys Over Flowers (Sakurako Sanjo)
・ Shin Megami Tensei D Children Light & Dark (Rena)
・ Animal Yokocho (Iyo)
・Katekyo Hitman REBORN! (Mammon)

YouTube channel
[Public screening event details]
[Official SNS]
・Introduction of project members
【Official site】
[Image 2

[Video 2:]

[Creator introduction]
Character design: Director Manabu Nii
-Character design and animation director-
・ The day I became a god (P.A.WORKS: 2020)
・ Hina Logi from Luck & Logic (Video Studio: 2017)
-Animation Director-
・Carole & Tuesday [Performance General Director] (Bonds: 2019) ・Kakegurui xx (MAPPA: 2019)
・ Soon to be you (Troika: 2018)
・ Pretty Cure Series [Smile, Dokidoki, HUGtto] (Toei: 2012, 2013, 2018) ・HUNGLY DAYS final episode (CM) ・Theatrical version Haikara-san passes ・Bakuon!!・ The World God Only Knows, and many others
Screenplay/Director: Kazunari Shibata

・Real Tag (2008) Director/Screenplay
・ Mobile Boyfriend (2009) Screenplay
・Real Tag 2 (2010) Director/Screenplay
・Real Tag 3・4・5 (2012) planning and producing
・Confined Detective (2013) Producer
・Sacrifice Dilemma First (2013) Producer
・Harajuku Denier (2015) planning
・Real tag (2015) planning and production
・School Life! (2019) Director/Screenplay

Shibuya Kaidan: Sacchan’s Urban Legend (2004) Director/Producer
“School Caste Revenge Days Masamu’s Transfer Student” (Takarajimasha, 2021) many others
Music: Dr.Usui

・”Shoujo Android A” (composition/arrangement)
・Yumemiru Adolescence / “Hi! Summer Dreamer” (Arrangement)
In addition, ukka (ex. Sakuraebi-zu), Appare!

・ Girlfriend (provisional)
“Kokoro Freedom Declaration” (composition/arrangement)
“Border Line” (composition/arrangement)
“Motto Motto JUMP!” (composition/arrangement)
“Kimi no Te” (composition/arrangement)
“Days that shine now” (composition/arrangement)
・Princess Connect!
“Tsunagumono” (Arrangement)
・Dokidoki! Pretty Cure
“Beyond this sky” (composition/arrangement)
“Love Ring” (Composition/Arrangement)
·Happiness Charge Precure!
“Pretty Cure Memory” (Arrangement)
No Good Magic Instructor and Contraindicated Scripture
“Possibility” (composition/arrangement)

-Inquiries about this matter-
DAD Production Secretariat
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