Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a management contract with R-body Co., Ltd.

Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd.
Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a management contract with R-body Co., Ltd. Providing conditioning services used by top athletes at Morinomachi Plaza, a new spot in Okayama

Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mori no Machi Grace Office Square 5F, 2-10-12 Shimoishii, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Toshiyuki Matsuda) is a top athlete with the theme of “bringing the real thing close to you.” R-body Co., Ltd., a total conditioning company that supports life performance from people to the general public I would like to inform you that we have signed a management contract.
According to this management contract, in the spring of 2023, Mori no Machi Plaza of Okayama’s new spot Mori no Machi Grace
(https://www.morinomachi-grace.jp/) (2-10-8 Shimoishii, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture) ) On the 4th floor, we aim to open a “body conditioning club with natural hot springs” that enhances immunity and healing power and creates a healthy mind and body for the next 10 years.
This is the first time R-body Co., Ltd. has concluded a management contract for providing a conditioning program in the western Japan area.
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Background and Purpose of Management Contracts
Through this management agreement, Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. and R-body Co., Ltd. will contribute to improving the life performance of people who live, work, and visit the new spot Mori no Machi in Okayama. We aim to realize a “well-being*” city that expands
*What is Well-being?
A concept that signifies physical, mental and social health. There is no fixed translation, and it is a word that expresses multifaceted happiness such as the state of being able to live a satisfied life, the state of happiness, and the state of fulfillment.
Comment from Mr. Takeshi Suzuki, CEO of R-body Co., Ltd.
R-body’s mission is to “enhance the life performance of people, cities, and countries.” In order to carry out our mission, it is impossible for us to achieve it alone, and partnerships with local governments and companies with high health literacy nationwide are essential.
Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. was truly a company of “Don Pisha”. The new conditioning* facility will improve the life performance of the people of Okayama, and will eventually serve as a base for disseminating information on the health of western Japan.
*Conditioning is the process of improving a person’s physical condition based on preventive medicine.
About R-body
R-body is a total conditioning company that aims to contribute to improving the life performance of people, cities and countries through conditioning.
A group of professional trainers, including Mr. Gaku Suzuki, a doctor of sports medicine and a nationally recognized training instructor, conducts conditioning training for Olympic athletes and professional athletes who have been injured for many years to help them recover. Founded in December 2003 with the desire to deliver services to the general public. Since then, we have accumulated more than 250,000 personal sessions for over 1,000 top athletes and approximately 10,000 general customers.
R-body has about 60 qualified training specialists who provide conditioning training. For our customers, we offer conditioning training for those who want to improve stiff shoulders and back pain caused by indefinite complaints*, those who want to prevent recurrence after injury (including after surgery), and those who want to maintain and prevent health. Many people do. Olympic athletes and professional athletes also go to improve their athletic performance.
With the conditioning training provided by R-body, many of the stiff shoulders and lower back pain caused by indefinite complaints have been improved in 4 to 8 training sessions. (implemented after confirming that it was completed). In addition, “I used to have a strained back about twice a year, but it disappeared after I started conditioning training,” “I no longer have pain in my knees during marathons,” and “I’ve increased my golf distance.” We have a lot of customers who feel that their performance has improved.
*Futeishuso is a clinical term that refers to subjective symptoms such as “stiff shoulders,” “heaviness in the head,” “cannot get rid of fatigue,” and “cannot sleep well,” but medical examinations, etc. Even if you do it, you can’t find the disease that causes it.
Scheduled to open in the spring of 2023 in Mori no Machi Grace “Body conditioning club with natural hot spring” concept
[Image 2d52428-102-28adee768653b9f1b0ed-0.jpg&s3=52428-102-2fbccc945310a4e0d27e50254bc6b5bd-420x280.jpg
With the theme of “bringing the real thing closer to you,” “R-body” continues to advocate the importance of restoring the original human functions through conditioning, from top athletes to the general public, and recovery from fatigue through bathing. The centerpiece of Mori no Machi is a natural hot spring that wells up from a depth of 1.5km. A body conditioning club with a natural hot spring that aims to create a healthy body both mentally and physically until the year ahead. -Scheduled to open in spring 2023-
For information on Mori no Machi Grace and Mori no Machi Plaza, please refer to the dedicated website.
Profile of Mr. Takeshi Suzuki, CEO of R-body
Representative Director of R-body Co., Ltd. / Representative Director of R-body Research Institute / Ph.D. (Sports Medicine) / Athletic Trainer
After graduating from Washington State University, he obtained the qualification of an American Athletic Trainer (ATC). After returning to Japan, he became an exclusive trainer for the All Japan Ski Federation in 1998, supporting athletes at the Salt Lake, Turin, Vancouver, and Sochi Olympics.
At the same time, at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School, he also engaged in research with a special field of “conditioning for top athletes”.
In 2008, he received his Ph.D. (Sports Medicine).
In 2003, established R-body Co., Ltd. A total conditioning company that supports life performance. Established based on the concept of the forefront of sports medicine, it collaborates with top-class doctors in Japan to provide conditioning and training services specializing in preventive medicine for athletes as well as the general public. Operates sports and exercise therapy facilities in Otemachi, Tokyo and Kashiwa-no-ha, Chiba.
At the same time, at R-body Research Institute, a general incorporated association, he is engaged in consulting business mainly for human resource development and facility management support for numerous medical institutions and treatment clinics in Japan and overseas, as well as fitness clubs and training centers. In addition, we are engaged in healthy community development in cooperation with local governments.
At the same time, he also writes about training theory and sports medicine. He holds many seminars on “Functional Training Theory” and “Conditioning”. Since April 2011, he has also opened a trainer training institute “R-body ACADEMY”.
Medical staff of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) Headquarters for the 2012 London and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Independent Administrative Institution Japan Sports Promotion Center High Performance Sports Center Advisor. Worked as Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Fitness Center Manager/Chief Trainer.
Company Profile
■ Ryobi Group https://ryobi.gr.jp/
Representative: Ryobi Group Representative and CEO Mitsunobu Kojima Main group companies: Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd., Ryobi Systems Co., Ltd., Okayama Kotsu Co., Ltd., Wakayama Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Chugoku Bus Co., Ltd., 42 companies in total (as of November 2022) ■ Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. https://www.ryobi-holdings.jp/
Head office: 5th floor, Mori no Machi Grace Office Square, 2-10-12 Shimoishii, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
Founded: July 1910
Capital: 400 million yen
Representative: Toshiyuki Matsuda, President and CEO
Business: Transportation, real estate, warehousing and customs clearance, supermarket business, maintenance, manufacturing
■ R-body Co., Ltd. https://r-body.com/
Head office: 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Otemon Tower B1F Representative: Mr. Takeshi Suzuki, Representative Director
Founded: December 2003
Business description: Operation of training facilities (Tokyo: Otemachi, Chiba: Kashiwa-no-ha). Training of conditioning instructors. Management support and opening support for fitness clubs, hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers. Planning, production and holding of lectures and events related to sports and health. Health support for residents in cooperation with the government and operational support for public sports facilities.

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