Ryukyu Golden Kings Okinawa City, Toyonaka City Sister City Tie-up 40th Anniversary Event Okinawa Arena Match Invitation Report

Ryukyu Golden Kings
Okinawa City and Toyonaka City 40th Anniversary of Brother City Tie-up Report on Invitation to Watch Okinawa Arena Matches

This time, as part of the sports exchange program for the 40th anniversary of the ties between Okinawa City and Toyonaka City, we invited the children of the basketball club of Toyonaka City to the Shiga Lakes game held at Okinawa Arena on Saturday, November 19th. rice field.
Exchange between Okinawa City and Toyonaka City began in 1964, and a brother city declaration was signed in 1974. Today, traditional Okinawan performing arts and products are introduced at the Toyonaka Festival, and boys and girls’ soccer teams from both cities are held. Every year, they visit each other and have lively exchanges, such as playing matches.
The Ryukyu Golden Kings, as a professional sports team operating in Okinawa City as their hometown, will continue to work to help strengthen exchanges between the two cities through sports exchanges. [Image


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