S International Co., Ltd. From Malmö, Sweden! 100% organic chocolate “Marume Chocolat Fabric” loved for o ver 130 years will be on sale in Japan from November 17, 2022 (Thursday)

S International Co., Ltd.
From Malmö, Sweden! 100% organic chocolate “Marume Chocolat Fabric” loved for over 130 years will be on sale in Japan from November 17, 2022 (Thursday)
Won over 30 awards worldwide! The first organic certification from the EU in Sweden! Japan limited gift box also sold

S International Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Maki Sugai) will launch its official online shop “Marume Chocolat Fabric” (http://malmochokladfabrik. jp/) will start selling.
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“Malmö Chocolat Fabric” is one of the most historic brands in Scandinavia, which has its headquarters and factory in Malmö, Sweden and boasts over 130 years of history since its establishment in 1888. The first certified 100% organic chocolate brand in Sweden.
In addition, it has recently won more than 30 global awards such as the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate. The design is also appreciated worldwide.
In Japan, we offer gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and egg-free vegan chocolate, as well as the most popular “sea salt” type product in Sweden. We will also sell a special chocolate “Master Blend” based on an old recipe, and four types of gift boxes that will be available only in Japan.
Please pay attention to “Marmö Chocolat Fabric” which is highly evaluated in Sweden.
■ Product lineup
[Bean to bar/80g]
Bean-to-bar chocolate is the most expensive type of chocolate. We roast our own carefully selected organic cacao beans harvested from countries in the cocoa belt near the equator and make them from scratch. The packaging is based on the chimney of an old factory in Malmö.
Malmö Esmeralda Ecuadorian 70% Bean to Bar Vegan
Malmö San Villano Madagascar 70% Bean to Bar Vegan
Malmö Altaverapaz Guatemalan 70% Bean to Bar Vegan
1,944 yen each
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[Brick Chocolate/80g]
This is a representative series of Marume Chocolat Fabric.
Among them, the master blend is a special existence based on the old recipe inherited from the predecessor who started making chocolate in Malmö in 1888.
Marmo White Chocolate Passion Fruit 36%
Marmo Dark Milk Chocolate Raspberry 52%
Marmo Dark Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans 55%
Marmo Milk Chocolate Sea Salt 40%
Marmo Dark Chocolate Peruvian 85% Vegan
Marmo Dark Chocolate Master Blend 70% Vegan
Malmö Dark Chocolate Dominican Republic 70% Vegan
Marmo Dark Chocolate Lacrislot 65% Vegan
Marmo Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 65% Vegan
Marmo Dark Chocolate Apersin Skull Orange 65% Vegan
1,404 yen each
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[Chocolate bar/55g]
Even with the same organic chocolate, the shape and package are different. Enough for one person to eat, but sharing doubles the happy delicious experience. Choose from caramel, dark milk or dark chocolate. A unique type of chocolate in the world that can be broken into chimneys from an old factory in Malmö.
Quince Milk Chocolate & Caramel 40%
Marmo Dark Milk Chocolate 56%_
Marmo Dark Chocolate 70% Vegan
702 yen each
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[Small chocolate bar/25g]
A small 25g package packed with big chocolate treats. It’s perfect for when you want something sweet in your coffee, to end dinner, or when you just want a little change in your everyday routine. All are fair trade certified.
Marmo White Chocolate Lemon & Licorice 30%
Marmo Dark Milk Chocolate Caramel & Roasted Coconut 54%
Quince Milk Chocolate Pear & Cardamom 40%
Marmo Dark Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel & Cardamom 54%
Marmo Milk Chocolate Mint & Candy Cane 52% Vegan
Marmo Dark Chocolate Orange & Ginger 70% Vegan
518 yen each
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[Gift box] *Japan only
In commemoration of full-scale sales in Japan, four types of box-type products have appeared. “Fika Box” is recommended for “Fika”, which is a rich assortment of products that Marume Chocolat Fabric is proud of. “Vegan Box” is an assortment of only vegan products. “Bean to Bar Box” is an assortment of 3 types of Bean to Bar products. In 2022, Malmö San Villano Madagascar 70% Bean-to-Bar Vegan won Silver in the dark bean to bar category of The Academy of Chocolate in the UK.・Award Selection”.
These will be sold at the official online shop.
Fika Box ¥10,357
Vegan box ¥4,752
Bean to Bar Box 6,372 yen
Marume Award Selection 6,696 yen
[chocolate box]
“Marmo Heart Box” and “Marmo Dream Box” are chocolate boxes that are popular in Sweden as they are ideal gifts for lovers, friends and customers.
Inside the Marume Heart Box are 18 pieces of freeze-dried
raspberry-flavored chocolate.
“Marume Dream Box” is scheduled to be released in December 2022. Inside are 12 colorfully packaged small chocolate bars. It also contains two pieces of Marmo Milk Chocolate Licorice & Sea Salt 40%, which is not sold separately. Of course it’s all organic.
Marume heart box (can) 1,944 yen
Marume Dream Box (can) *Scheduled to be released in December 2022 [Image 7

[Vita Chocolate/5g]
Small, charming bite-size (Vita: bites in Swedish) individually wrapped chocolates that can be served with coffee to your restaurant guests or as a welcome gift at your hotel. You can give it as a gift at an event, and the uses are endless. There are 3 types in Japan. Malmö San Villano Madagascar 70% Bean to Bar Vegan
Malmö Esmeralda Ecuadorian 70% Bean to Bar Vegan
Marmo Milk Chocolate Sea Salt 40%
*Scheduled to be released in December 2022
[Image 8d111958-1-3515469dc4791f0058b9-8.jpg&s3=111958-1-3f19d5e474a29ca26b1118840caefdcf-1365x2048.jpg
*All prices include tax.
■ Comment from Mr. Clas Thott, CEO of Malmo Chokladfabrik
[Image 9d111958-1-38bc1f2aca2db3a10dfb-9.jpg&s3=111958-1-82c4ffd25b89b9ea47d0601aa3c819c9-1859x2362.jpg
Malmö Chocolatfabrik is Sweden’s leading luxury chocolate maker with 100% organic, gluten-free and nut-free chocolates.
In Sweden, it is enjoyed during the important culture of “Fika”, and many people use it as a gift from the representative to employees and employees’ families before vacations such as summer vacation and Christmas. .
In the southern port city of Malmö, they sell them in supermarkets, but in the capital city of Stockholm, they are sold as gifts at premium shops like department stores. It is also often sold with coffee for “Fika”.
Internationally, we also sell in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Germany and Greenland.
And I am very excited that full-scale sales in Japan will begin. I think Japan is a great match for many things, such as the high level of commitment to organic ingredients and ingredients, and the awareness of the SDGs. We are a modern company that contributes to the world not only in terms of taste but also in consideration of the environment. Please look forward to the future “Marume Chocolat Fabric”.
■ Sustainability initiative “SWEET FUTURE”
Malmö Chocolat Fabric’s sustainability strategy has three focus areas: ‘Green Planet’, ‘Smiling People’ and ‘Sound Business’.
The first is climate and environmental issues, the second is social and human aspects, and the third is how to continue to be a
sustainable company. Currently, we are working on various things such as solar panels, reducing the amount of plastic used, and using more efficient energy, and we will continue to work on it.
About Marmö Chocolat Fabric (Company)
“Malmo Chokladfabrik” has the slogan “always organic”. The materials used, including cacao used in chocolate, are organic, and all products have the EU organic certification mark.
In addition, we thoroughly implement fair trade in purchasing cacao. Fair trade means that producers in developing countries who are economically and socially vulnerable and consumers in developed countries who are economically and socially in a strong position are on an equal footing in order to create a fair society without poverty. It is a trade to do. We aim to realize a sustainable society by improving the lives of producers through the payment of appropriate wages and the improvement of the working environment. “Malmo Chokladfabrik” is also the first company in Sweden to obtain fair trade certification and EU organic certification.
■Company profile
Company name: S International Co., Ltd.
Representative: Maki Sugai, Representative Director
Location: 12th floor, Hulic Minatomirai, 1-1-7 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0062
Date of establishment: February 7, 1959
Business Activities : Product development and coordination, import and export of food and general daily necessities, logistics management (general management)
URL: https://sinter.co.jp/

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