Saber Co., Ltd. A new product that combines playfulness and the strong brilliance of diamonds has appeared in the jewelery collection “FOREVER STAR (R) / Southern Cross (R)” that represents Saber.

Sabers Co., Ltd.
A new work that combines playfulness and the strong brilliance of diamonds appears in Saber’s representative jewelry collection “FOREVER STAR (R) / Southern Cross (R)”

SABIRTH is a jewelry brand produced by UCHIHARA Group (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Ichiro Uchihara), which boasts a history of 100 years. A new item will join the “FOREVER STAR (R)” collection, one of the brand’s representative collections.
The FOREVER STAR(R) collection is inspired by the starry sky that brightens up the night sky of Southern Africa. This time, a new pendant is inspired by the Southern Cross, which shines conspicuously in the starry sky.
The Southern Cross was a star that served as a landmark and guide for those sailing in the Southern Hemisphere. When sailing to the dark sea at night, if you follow the Southern Cross as a landmark, you can arrive at your destination, and it was truly a ray of hope.
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[FOREVER STAR (R) / Southern Cross (R)] Left) Pt, diamond total approx. 1.26ct ¥ 1,485,000 Right) Pt, diamond total approx. 0.86ct ¥ 1,188,000
The new pendant will be available in two types: single cross and double cross. It features a design that allows you to express yourself by removing the pendant tops and enjoying them individually. [Image 2d34300-50-34e0e0744322642b918a-1.jpg&s3=34300-50-ef7321fde4238bb207dd42b63103d6e3-2489x2489.jpg
The cross (left) with four stones on the top, bottom, left and right, and the diamond cross (right) with one stone in the center complete the pendant top in the center, and it is a design that can be enjoyed in 3 ways. * Only one chain
[Image 3d34300-50-cad553efc7d7aabb070e-2.jpg&s3=34300-50-161f38822841cf3a36d11a958d4de359-3900x3900.jpg
The overlapping cloths (right) are 3-way specifications that can be used independently. A cross designed with diamonds (left) and a cross with five diamonds arranged on a matte base metal can be connected with a clasp on the back to create a single pendant top. * Only one chain

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