SABON Japan Co., Ltd. 7 people who color Tokyo’s “now”, including actor Airu Kubozuka, will appear! What is the ideal gentleman?

SABON Japan Co., Ltd.
Seven people who color the “now” of Tokyo, including actor Airu Kubozuka, will appear! What is the ideal gentleman?
SABON “Gentleman Collection” special movie released for a limited time
SABON, a natural cosmetics brand from Israel, has released a special movie featuring seven representatives of Tokyo, including actor Airu Kubozuka, fashion designers, singers, and hairdressers, as a promotion for the Gentleman Collection. It will be released for a limited time from Friday, November 11, 2022.
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In response to the question, “What is Gentleman?”, the seven performers talk about their ideal image of a gentleman. In this short movie, SABON snuggles up to everyday moments while cutting out work scenes and on-time scenes. Visualize their natural appearance. In addition, the “Gentleman Collection” has appeared as an item that allows them to switch on when they face their work and what they need to do. Please pay attention to the scene.
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SABON “Gentleman Collection”
The “Gentleman Collection” is a clean citrus woody scent suitable for sophisticated gentlemen.
It exudes unwavering confidence and positivity, the room to enjoy freedom, and the dignity of an adult.
A lineup of vegan prescription* face and body care items that moisturize your skin and satisfy your senses while enjoying the scent, such as SABON’s icon “Body Scrub” and the best-selling 2-in-1 scrub face wash “Face Polisher”.
The clean citrus woody “Gentleman” scent is perfect for sharing with your partner, and you can enjoy the care that SABON can offer, “giving it while removing it”.
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“What is Gentleman? 』
Release date: Friday, November 11, 2022-Limited time
Performers: Airu Kubozuka and others, a total of 7 people
-Performer profile-
[Image 3d72475-99-ed098423d9804fa7e970-11.jpg&s3=72475-99-555d612eedccc602b93e4f0234106831-650x433.jpg
Airu Kubozuka/Actor/Model
Airu Kubozuka / Actor/Model
Born October 3, 2003. Born in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2018, he made his screen debut in Toshiaki Toyoda’s movie “Nakimushi Shottan no Kiseki”. Started career as a model in 2020. From 2021, he will start full-scale acting activities. Currently appearing in the TBS Yoruobi drama “Who is the sender?” The movies “Girls Don’t Graduate” (directed by Shun Nakagawa) and “Ai no Yukue” (scheduled to be released in 2023 / directed by Fuka Miyajima) will be released next February. He has a fresh and dynamic presence, and is steadily appearing in more works.
[Image 4d72475-99-06706d4ec829f946f0bc-2.jpg&s3=72475-99-e99354702d0f859e1d3962cdc22d731a-650x433.jpg
Takaharu Saito/fashion designer
Appare Saito / Fashion Designer
Worked on “Younger Song”, a fashion brand that is extremely popular with Generation Z.
[Image 5d72475-99-e0ddcf87c56a383d7e75-3.jpg&s3=72475-99-a7da8328ff63a73da8bb330792e2818b-650x433.jpg
Soichiro Uchida / LECO hairdresser
Soichiro Uchida / LECO hairdresser
The owner of the beauty salon “LECO”. Active in a wide range of activities, including salon work, general magazines, industry magazines, seminars, hair production for numerous musicians, and product development.
[Image 6d72475-99-efdfa40038efe7eccc48-4.jpg&s3=72475-99-83e00cf913e6bee20a32cde2fea8fd48-650x433.jpg
Rioske / Singer
Active as a member of the YouTuber unit “PeruPines”. She gained popularity with a video of her singing, and is also active as a model. [Image 7d72475-99-293f51a2d270d2c50411-5.jpg&s3=72475-99-d60c92a3ce9c03d49df5b45dd6de3e68-650x433.jpg
Hiroki Takahashi / Fashion Curator
Hiroki Takahashi / Fashion Curator
Active as a fashion blogger who explains and introduces clothing coordination and clothing materials in detail on his own SNS. [Image 8d72475-99-78619649d8b6c00e88e1-6.jpg&s3=72475-99-b6bff9dfb50f6ac61526547fa1c00372-650x433.jpg
Ryutaro / OOO YY hairdresser
Ryutaro / OOO YY Hairdresser
As a top stylist at the beauty salon “OOO YY” in Daikanyama, she is in charge of models, young actors, and artists, focusing on salon work. Active in various fields such as brand look, advertising hair and makeup, brand production and modeling.
[Image 9d72475-99-bc26eb36c2ff56a10546-7.jpg&s3=72475-99-92664c9604517b73c9ff9d0e572b1f9e-650x433.jpg
Katsuya/fashion designer
Katsuya / fashion designer
While working as a director of the fashion brand “Student Apathy”, she also works as a model.
-Introduction item-
[Image 10d72475-99-20a1972cd24b7e9bba9d-9.jpg&s3=72475-99-a27480642ceb240a0035131a493bd3e0-650x433.jpg
SABON “Gentleman Collection”
From SABON “Gentleman Collection”
Product name Shower oil Gentleman
Capacity 400mL
Selling price: 3,850 yen (tax included)
Product name Body Scrub Gentleman
Capacity 600g
Selling price 5,830 yen (tax included)
Product name Face Polisher Gentleman
Capacity 150mL
Selling price: 3,960 yen (tax included)
Product name Face Moisturizer Gentleman
Capacity 100mL
Selling price 4,730 yen (tax included)
▼SABON “Gentleman Collection” Special Site
*Does not use animal ingredients
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