Safey joins Shibuya Smart City Promotion Organization

Safey Co., Ltd.
Safey joins Shibuya Smart City Promotion Organization
Utilizing video data for the safety and security of consumers and the realization of opportunities for decision-making

Safey Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: President and CEO Ryuhei Sadoshima, hereinafter referred to as “Safey”), the No. 1 cloud recording service share (* 1), is a digital technology and data listed in Shibuya Ward’s Smart City Promotion Basic Policy. Shibuya Smart City Promotion Organization (hereinafter referred to as “this organization”).
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■ Participation in Shibuya Smart City Promotion Organization Until now, in Shibuya City, in order to promote value creation that can be realized through collaboration, in addition to efforts for each organization, field, and area, we have established an organization that aims to improve people’s well-being through smart city
development. I’ve been thinking about how I should be.
In order to realize the vision of “Shibuya City, a city that transforms difference into power,” the organization will deepen cooperation among various organizations, fields, and areas, and work together to promote the smart city of Shibuya. We aim to create a city experience that enhances the well-being of each person involved in the ward, and to realize a mature international city that attracts the world. At the time of its establishment, a total of 58 organizations from various fields are scheduled to participate.
Safey has provided various solutions based on video data, such as remote situation confirmation, anomaly detection/prediction, and operational efficiency improvement through video analysis. We have been promoting In February of this year, in the data utilization business publicly invited by Shibuya Ward, “Analysis of user data using cloud cameras and video analysis AI” was adopted (* 3), and the cloud recording service “Safie” ”, we conducted a demonstration experiment that can be used to develop more convenient and comfortable public spaces. This time, by participating in this organization, we will not only provide safety and security to consumers, but also realize opportunities for decision-making that looks one step ahead of the future as a “third eye”, We will promote the solution of various problems that we have.
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■ Contents of working group initiatives (image)
This organization has set up nine working groups (WG) to consider and implement specific projects and hold study sessions. Safey belongs to the “Data Utilization WG” and “Advanced Tech WG” and plans to propose the following initiatives.
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(1) Providing safety and security through video
Used as a decision-making base when promoting disaster prevention/mitigation Ex. Implemented a disaster prevention/mitigation simulation modeled on Shibuya Ward through video analysis
Accurately and quickly grasp the disaster situation and make predictions, enabling efficient evacuation preparation and response (2) Functions as a database for promoting decision-making in Shibuya Ward Ex. Verification of effectiveness of town management measures in Shibuya Ward through video analysis
A comfortable lifestyle can be provided through event planning and urban development that takes into account estimated age, estimated gender, etc. based on people flow analysis.
(3) Urban development centered on the use of image analysis as the “third eye” of consumers
ex. To help create “Shibuya Ward” as a model city for image analysis, where industry, government, academia and citizens are united Supporting the design of the ward as a whole and consideration of updates to urban functions to improve user satisfaction
(*1) Market share based on the number of registered cameras by engine (47.5%) based on Techno System Research’s “Network camera cloud recording service market survey”
(*2) Press release “Yachiyo City Fire Department Trial Introduction of Wearable Cloud Camera to Strengthen Disaster Countermeasures” (announced March 8, 2022):
Press release “Safie collaborates with Zushi City to realize crime prevention measures and infection prevention during the opening period of the beach” (announced July 15, 2022):


(*3) Press release “Safie selected for “data utilization business” aiming to make Shibuya a smart city” (announced February 8, 2022):
■ What is the cloud recording service “Safie”?
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Safie is a cloud recording service with the No. 1 share that allows you to check video anytime, anywhere simply by connecting your camera to the Internet.
Based on the vision of “creating the future from video,” we aim to create a future where video can be useful for people’s
decision-making, and to create a video platform that can be easily used by everyone from companies to individuals.
We have a business concept of “DXing the ‘site’ of all industries with video data” and are taking the lead in promoting DX in all fields such as retail, civil engineering/construction, manufacturing, and medical care.
SAFE is conducting educational activities in compliance with the following guidelines regarding data governance initiatives.
・Data governance initiatives: ・Data Charter (issued on April 1, 2022) Creating the future from images
[Company Profile of Safey Co., Ltd.]
Location: 1-5-1 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo A-PLACE in front of Gotanda Station
Established October 2014
Capital 5.45 billion yen
Representative Ryuhei Sadoshima
Business description Operation of cloud recording and video management platform “Safie”
Service site URL
Corporate site URL
Recruitment page Details about this release:


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