Saguri Saguri was selected for the “CO-FUKUI Future Technology Utilization Project” sponsored by Fukui Prefecture! In cooperation with Obama City, we provide the cropping survey application “Databa”. Aiming to contribute to DX in the agriculture, f

Saguri has been selected for the “CO-FUKUI Future Technology Utilization Project” sponsored by Fukui Prefecture! In cooperation with Obama City, we provide the cropping survey application “Databa”. Aiming to contribute to DX in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries fields in Fukui Prefecture.
-Aiming to reduce the number of visual checks and reduce the burden by estimating the type of crops using satellite data and AI-

SAGURI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture, CEO: Shunsuke Tsuboi) aims to solve problems in agriculture and the environment by combining satellite data (Satellite), machine learning (AI), and partitioning technology (GRID). Gifu University A start-up venture company. Adopted for the CO-FUKUI Future Technology
Utilization Project sponsored by Fukui Prefecture, we have started a demonstration experiment of the application “Detaba” service that utilizes satellite data and AI to streamline cropping surveys. * This press release is jointly signed by Fukui Prefecture, Obama City, and Sagri Co., Ltd.
Background and contents of this demonstration experiment
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In Fukui Prefecture, in order to maintain and improve the quality of life of its citizens, it is actively utilizing future technologies such as digital technology.
We aim to realize “Smart Fukui” by promoting DX in the fields of life, industry, and administration. Among them, in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, especially in Obama City, it takes a lot of time to confirm farmland and agricultural land, such as confirmation of crop change based on the farm management plan and farmland patrol by the agricultural committee for the occurrence of idle land. In addition, due to the decrease in the number of staff and the increase in the amount of work, the burden of on-site confirmation is increasing. There was an urgent need to build a farmland ledger system that utilizes.
Therefore, our company Sagli Co., Ltd. provides an application “Databa” that utilizes satellite data and AI to streamline planting surveys, and has been selected for the CO-FUKUI future technology utilization project for planting survey work that has been done visually. As part of the project, we aim to significantly reduce the burden of research.
What is the CO-FUKUI Future Technology Utilization Project?
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Fukui Prefecture actively utilizes digital technology, etc., and promotes “Digital Transformation (DX),” which transforms work and life into something more productive, more attractive, and richer. We aim to realize a “smart Fukui” that enhances the quality of life. The CO-FUKUI Future Technology Utilization Project invites domestic and foreign companies to demonstrate their innovative technologies and services, thereby solving regional issues, boldly transforming Fukui, and creating new value for the next era. intended to create. Transportation, disaster prevention/environment, health and welfare, industry, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, education,
administration, tourism/culture, and other 9 business areas
Based on the themes classified into regions, companies selected for the regional problem solving demonstration project will conduct demonstration experiments in Fukui Prefecture.
About SAGURI Co., Ltd.
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Sagri Co., Ltd. is a start-up company founded in Hyogo Prefecture in June 2018 with the vision of “realizing the coexistence of mankind and the earth.” In 2019, we established a subsidiary in Bengaluru, India. We aim to solve global agricultural and environmental issues with satellite data and AI. In June 2021, we announced a total of 155 million yen in funding from real tech funds and others. We also invested in the first project of the Hyogo Kobe Startup Fund. In 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries was certified as a university-launched venture company such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries technology, and was selected as J-Startup-KANSAI by the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. Received the Ministry of the Environment Startup Award Business Concept Award and was selected as Toyo Keizai 2021 Amazing Venture.
Actively recruiting engineers
SAGURI Co., Ltd. is actively recruiting human resources. Please check the details of the recruitment from the link below and apply. If you have any questions, please contact us from the following e-mail address or our HP contact.
▼Our recruitment page
▼For inquiries about recruitment, please contact us below.
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