Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. With freeze-dried domestic vegetables and authentic grains, the idea of ​​​​”five colors” of Chinese medicine was immediately sold out, and “Yakuzen soup rice porridge” became a standa rd product.

Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
With freeze-dried domestic vegetables and authentic grains, the concept of “five colors” of Chinese medicine was immediately sold out.
Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, President: Masaaki Nishikawa, hereinafter Saishunkan Pharmaceuticals) announced that from November 24, 2022 (Thursday), “4 types of delicious medicinal soup porridge for the body. Assorted” will be a standard product (sales channel: Amazon official website, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Toll-free). In January of the same year, the product, which was pre-released for “members” who had a history of purchasing Saishunkan Pharmaceutical products, was sold out immediately, and it was a huge hit, so much so that the planned general release was suddenly canceled. After that, the stable supply of the main ingredients came true, and the standard year-round commercialization was realized.
Focusing on the “deep body temperature” that is the key to adjusting the biological rhythm (weekly rhythm), which takes several times longer to return to the original rhythm once it is out of sync, we are focusing on nutrition balance, as well as sorting ingredients by “color”. Developed based on the knowledge of “medicine”. Made using the freeze-drying method of the manufacturer Maruha Nichiro, the soup rice porridge has a good balance of dietary fiber such as grains and vegetables. We offer 4 flavors in one set that you won’t get tired of. [Image 1d51751-36-53142971b800e7db78c7-0.png&s3=51751-36-bd6a7f40079d72d00b73080308c26f08-650x510.png
[Image 2d51751-36-137ec0ce249c1d4d91b0-1.png&s3=51751-36-c2fe081cff0d3f52e8d474104c39fcc7-454x706.png
Suggested in joint research with Kyushu University. The cause of “Monday morning sickness” is weekly “jet lag”?
As it is generally said that “90 minutes is a good time to sleep”, there are various cycles in the human body’s biorhythm, such as day, month, and year. However, among them, the “weekly rhythm” on a weekly basis is special, and it is only an “acquired rhythm born in the structure of society” such as “work and school + holidays” that is accompanied by the worries peculiar to modern people. It is said that “irregular ways of spending time on holidays”, such as staying up late at night and not sleeping, cause a shift in the changing rhythm of body temperature (deep body temperature) deep inside the body (core body temperature), and it is said to have an adverse effect. A joint study by Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Kyushu University found that when returning to daily life with this “social jet lag”, the deviation in the core body temperature is not easily reset, and it takes several days to return to the original rhythm. Clarifying the facts. It has also been suggested that it may cause poor physical condition and mood.
The best way to deal with it is to keep your daily meal and sleep times consistent, but it’s not easy to do or maintain. The key is to “raise the core body temperature in the morning”. Having a warm breakfast is the easiest way to turn on your activity switch, and warming your stomach will warm you up from the inside.
The popular TV program “Gourmet Manga Summit” sparked a “medicine” boom At the “Gourmet Manga Summit” held this summer, a popular variety show that has been running for about 20 years, many works were introduced, and at the end of the program, the host selected “Today’s work”, which is a super topical work. The theme was “medicine”. Immediately after the broadcast, the work received a great response such as being out of stock at bookstores and online nationwide, and medicinal dishes are attracting attention again as an easy-to-reach “life hack” technique. ■Nutrition, effects, and color are systematized based on the concept of Chinese medicine. A medicinal recipe that considers carbohydrates and calories.
The key to regulating biological rhythms and “switching emotions” is to raise the “deep body temperature”. It stays in the stomach longer than only. For modern people who are said to have a chronic stomach cold not only in winter but also in air conditioning, it is an easy way to warm the body from the inside like a hot water bottle in the stomach. “one of.
“Healthy Yakuzen Soup Porridge 4 Types Assorted” is a medicinal recipe that systematizes the nutrition, effect, color, etc. of ingredients based on the concept of Chinese medicine, and is freeze-dried using Maruha Nichiro’s technology. The recipe, developed by a researcher who is also qualified as an international medicinal herb chef, is based on white rice and glutinous barley, which are easy to use as energy, and is based on the “five colors” philosophy* of Chinese medicine, such as “moisturizing” and “power charging.” Mixed cereals and domestic vegetables according to 4 themes. By ingesting super food “Kikuimo” containing water-soluble dietary fiber, dietary fiber “agar” from the sea, yeast, etc., immune cells concentrate and the “intestine” that produces the happiness hormone “serotonin” is strengthened. You can also expect to improve the environment.
With 46-54 kcal of energy and 10.4 g of sugar at maximum, it is also recommended for health-conscious people. For example, grated scallop, which has the lowest sugar content, is only 8.6g, even though a typical porridge is said to contain about 40g of sugar per serving. Even though it contains more grated daikon radish than white rice, it’s satisfying to eat.
Niboshi black soybeans: Recommended recipe. Contains “black
ingredients” such as black soybeans from Hokkaido and black rice from Japan. In medicinal dishes, “black ingredients” are said to nourish energy and vigor, and are often said to be in charge of “beauty” and “youthfulness”. A Japanese-style soup with a faint scent of yuzu, made from niboshi, kombu seaweed, and Okinawan salt.
[Image 3d51751-36-a4b351397244e1477bc2-2.jpg&s3=51751-36-4eb5ef6c903967783ac5de10c0ebe835-1319x879.jpg
Grated scallop: A “white ingredient” that is said to be related to “moisturizing”. Grated daikon radish, white fungus, etc., along with soup carefully taken from scallops from Hokkaido.
Plum shiso: Contains “red ingredients” such as Kishu plum and red shiso. The sourness matches the domestic pu-erh tea-based soup. Yasai Junkoku: Hatomugi, corn and other “yellow ingredients” and green and yellow vegetables. You can enjoy plenty of colorful vegetables. * Kampo’s “Five Colors” Philosophy: Red, yellow, green, white, and black foods have their own effects, and the idea that a well-balanced intake of the five colors will lead to good health.
■ Product details
[Image 4d51751-36-5194a1a5204d39f10a29-4.jpg&s3=51751-36-d9a9be95f68cc5602c0d99b415ee58b3-437x200.jpg
[Image 5d51751-36-6821b76efb8eb2117f0d-3.jpg&s3=51751-36-364cc0b837eae8953028402eed42442d-960x1440.jpg

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