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Information on hands-on event holding
“Life 100 squares sugoroku” ~A life experience that always happens~
SAISON AUTOMOBILE AND FIRE INSURANCE CO., LTD. (President: Shiro Sato, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) expresses the present age, which is said to be a 100-year life, with 100 squares of sugoroku, and through a simulated experience of life, you can express your own view of life. We will hold an experience-based event “Life 100 Mass Sugoroku”-Experience the life of a constant light-that you can learn. [Image 1

1. purpose of the event
We would like to be an insurance company that not only provides peace of mind through insurance in the event of an emergency, but is always there for you. In addition, through the promotion of diversity and inclusion, we aim to spread the idea of ​​respecting diverse values ​​and lifestyles and support each customer by facing their risks and lives.
In today’s era, which is said to be an era of 100-year lifespans, diverse values ​​have emerged, and there are as many life choices and “always” everyday life as there are people. Under these circumstances, by comparing a 100-square square to a life of 100 years and having a simulated experience of life, you can learn about your own outlook on life, think about what kind of life you want to lead, and think about the “what if” in each life. We will hold this event so that we can provide an opportunity to review our preparations for.
2. Event details
(1) Overview of Sugoroku
In the sugoroku of this event, we have prepared a “what if” square where you can experience minor troubles and events that occur in life, and a “choice” square where you can experience important choices that affect your outlook on life. By answering the questions that are issued when you stop on the selected square, your life type will be diagnosed based on the results of your answers. For each square that stops, we will also introduce great person trivia related to age, so it is a content that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. [Sugoroku Image]
[Image 2

(2) Date and time, venue, etc.
Date: November 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun), 2022 11:00-19:00
Venue: LaLaport Fujimi 1st floor indoor plaza
Access: [Image 3

Participation fee: Free
    If you wish to participate, please come directly to the venue. Target audience: Anyone can participate.
    Not only can you participate by yourself, but you can also participate in a group such as your family.
    (Preschoolers are kindly requested to be accompanied by a guardian)
[Table 2: ]
*The event will be held after implementing new coronavirus infection prevention measures.
3. WEB diagnostic content “Saison Life Type Diagnosis”
We are planning to release the web content “Saison Life Type Diagnosis” where you can experience the life type diagnosis on our official website. Even if you were not able to participate in the experience-based event, you can find out what kind of life type you are by simply answering 5 questions. This content is available in “Children’s course” and “Adult course”, so parents and children can enjoy it.
* Scheduled to be released at 11:00 on 11/25 (Friday) (Please note that the release date and time may change)
4. About the future
Currently, we offer not only “what if” but also “always We are happy to provide a service to
Through digital technology and real-world contact points, we clarify the concerns and risks of our customers, and provide products and services that eliminate the concerns and risks that have materialized to meet the needs of each individual customer. With the aim of providing support, we will continue to work to be close to more customers’ “always” and “what if” not only by providing products and services, but also by holding events.
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