Saito Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Your home is a “toto” sauna space! Crowdfunding for folding water bath and cot ton sauna poncho started!

Saito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Turn your home into a “toto” sauna space! Crowdfunding for folding water bath and cotton sauna poncho started!

Saito Seisakusho Co., Ltd. SAUNABACCA (Representative: Yohei Saito) has started pre-order sales of folding water baths and cotton sauna ponchos, where you can easily enjoy a sauna space at home, on the largest crowdfunding site in Japan, “CAMPFIRE”. increase.
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Makuake special page: [Folding water bath]
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◎A seemingly compact, yet spacious space!
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When folded, it can be stored in a gap or under the sofa, and when used, it is easy to assemble and looks compact. However, once you enter, you will find that the inside is very spacious, and even a person of 180 cm and 95 kg can comfortably relax.
◎ Easy to pick up anywhere!
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It weighs about 2.5kg and can be easily assembled in about 3 minutes, making it a great product for women. Because it is easy to carry, it is also ideal for outdoor activities such as camping.
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◎ It is 20 yen per time and is kind to your wallet.
A sauna session costs 1,000 to 2,000 yen, but this foldable water bath costs only 20 yen. If you’re a sauna enthusiast who visits several times a week, you can save a lot of money by just replacing a few of them with a cold water bath.
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◎ It is also possible to warm with hot water!
Because it uses materials that are resistant to water, you can enjoy it not only as a cold bath but also with hot water (* 65 degrees or less). In addition, it can be used as a water reservoir or a simple bath in the event of a disaster, so you can rest assured.
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[Cotton sauna poncho]
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◎ Excellent absorbency, you can put it on while wet!
After taking a sauna or bath, relax in a 100% cotton poncho that feels great on the skin. It’s a big size for both men and women, and it has a hood so you can wipe your hair.
◎ You can use the cotton poncho alone.
It can be used as a haori for surfing or swimming, as a bathrobe, or as pajamas. Breathability is also outstanding, so you can spend comfortably at any time.
◎ Available in two colors: white and gray
Available in two colors: refreshing white and chic gray. The simple design makes it easy for anyone to wear.
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Click here for more detailed information on the product
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□ Background of product development
It’s been a boom in recent years, but I’m sure many people are afraid to go to crowded places at this time of year. In addition, I have heard a lot of people say, “I’m worried about other people’s sweat and germs,” ​​”I’m irritated by so many people with bad manners!” The [Collapsible Water Bath] and [Cotton Sauna Poncho], which have started crowdfunding this time, are products that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Developed by staff who love saunas. Please enjoy a comfortable life led by a sauna-loving staff.
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