Sakado City / December 16th and 17th Recruiting “elves to help Santa” Heartful Family “HIGH FIVE CHRISTMAS 2022” packing volunteers

General Incorporated Association Grameen Nippon
[Sakado City / December 16th and 17th] Recruiting “elves to help Santa” Heartful Family “HIGH FIVE CHRISTMAS 2022” packing volunteers
General Incorporated Association Heartful Family (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsuya Fujisawa, hereinafter referred to as “this corporation”) distributes Christmas gifts to single-parent families in need due to the effects of the new corona, and sends surprises and ale. We will hold the initiative “HIGH FIVE CHRISTMAS 2022 #Become a Santa for a single-parent family”.
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●”HIGH FIVE CHRISTMAS 2022 #Let’s become Santa for a single-parent family” special site

CHARITY FOR Christmas2022

Continuing from last year, the general incorporated association Grameen Nippon (Chuo-ku, Tokyo
, CEO: Kimihiro Hyakuno, hereinafter referred to as “Grameen Nippon”), and plans to give gifts to 13,000 children in 8,000 households. We will prepare for nationwide shipping on December 16th (Friday) and 17th (Saturday) as the actual packing day, and we are looking for volunteers (elves who help Santa) who can help us with the packing work. .
■ Implementation date: Friday, December 16, Saturday, December 17, 2022 ■ Meeting time: Meet at 10:00
■ End time: 17:00 (tentative)
■ Venue: 1-6-1 Nissai Hanamizuki, Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture 350-0269 ■ Nearest station: Kitasakado station (bus: about 10 minutes, taxi: about 10 minutes)
■ Parking lot: Available (*Declaration required)
■ Recruitment number: 70 people each day
■ Application method: Please apply from the URL form below. pQ/viewform
In addition, regarding this project, we are also implementing crowdfunding that will be used for the shipping of Christmas gifts, so we will also inform you.
Click here for the crowdfunding participation page
Heartful Family will continue to support single families through various measures.
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Overview of “HIGH FIVE CHRISTMAS 2022 #Become Santa for Single-Parent Homes” ■ Number of households with gift boxes distributed
8,000 households (total number of children: 13,000) planned
*Last year (2021) results: 5,500 households, total number of children 10,000 (for Heartful Family members)
■ Contents of the gift box
For children: sweets, stationery, books, toys, etc.
For parents: Daily necessities, daily miscellaneous goods, etc. ■ Timeline until Christmas
November 13 (Sun) Project crowdfunding start
December 16th (Friday) and 17th (Saturday) Making gift boxes by Santa volunteers December 24th (Friday) December 25th (Saturday) Deliver gift boxes to single-parent families
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■ General Incorporated Association Heartful Family
● Organization overview
Conduct comprehensive independence support activities for single mothers and single fathers,
We carry out general support activities to support people so that they can lead active social lives.
1 Operation of “Heartful Bank,” an information site for single parents (
2 Efforts to create a system to support single-parent families by local communities
3 Operation of an individual consultation desk
4 Efforts to understand the employment of single-parent families and create systems
5 Education and Training for Employment of Single Parents
● Representative Director Tetsuya Fujisawa
1982 Established TC PRO INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.
2014 Director of World Force International Co., Ltd.
2020 Appointed Representative Director of General Incorporated Association Heartful Family
[History of welfare activities]
1999 Nicaragua and Honduras disaster relief, inspection with local JICA, provision of supplies
2003-2007 Continued support for Hokkaido University School of Medicine 2007 Donated to a food factory in the Republic of Malawi, Africa. Donated to “Feed the Children”, the largest private aid organization in the United States,
Factory tour, support for local agriculture, support for establishment of agricultural education farm
● Director Mayumi Nishida
Married at 19, gave birth at 23, divorced at 29. While working as a tennis instructor at Sports Club NAS Co., Ltd., he plans and develops a kids tennis school and manages events as a freelancer.
In 2004 after divorce, he started a business as a sales agent to overcome the economy.
In 2005, he founded m’s company international Co., Ltd., which operates design, web production, event planning, etc.
In 2006, we launched a system for single mothers to work from home, “Shinma Nomad Department,” and changed the working style of single mothers.
In January 2016, he founded Heartful Family, a general incorporated association, and assumed office as a permanent director (current position).
■ General Incorporated Association Grameen Nippon
Established in 2018 by Dr. Muhammad Yunus as the Japanese version of Grameen Bank, a microfinance institution established in Bangladesh. Grameen Bank was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for its achievements in helping the needy to become self-sufficient. With the vision of realizing a “sustainable society where everyone can be active and active in society,” we mainly lend to women who are in poverty, not for living expenses, but for “preparatory funds for starting a business or working.” Our mission is to provide
“opportunities to take the first step” created by co-creation with microfinance and various partners. We will continue to walk together as an escort runner for those who wish for opportunities and want to take a step forward.
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