Sakura Home Group Co., Ltd. Sakura Home Group won the “Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Hokuriku Telecommunications Bureau Director” at the “National Small and Medium Enterprise Cloud Practice Award”

Sakura Home Group Co., Ltd.
Sakura Home Group won the “Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications Hokuriku Telecommunications Bureau Director” at the “National SME Cloud Practice Award”
– Received high evaluation for “Digital Boss using RPA”. We also provide DX consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises-
Sakura Home Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Representative Director Masahiko Chiwatari, hereinafter Sakura Home Group)
We participated in the Tokai/Hokuriku tournament of the “National SME Cloud Practice Award” (held on October 14, 2022) co-sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Presented organizational reform methods using the cloud, such as RPA and groupware, and achievements such as “achieving annual sales of 14.5 billion yen within 4 hours of overtime.” ” was awarded. They will be competing in the national competition in December.
Sakura Home Group has actively introduced groupware and RPA in the real estate and construction industries, which are said to be IT laggards, and has been promoting the creation of a highly productive organization using IT since its foundation.
The number of employees in the entire group is relatively small, about 150, but we are working on DX from the perspective of automation, visualization, and standardization, and have achieved great results. Despite being a small and medium-sized company, we were recognized for creating a highly productive organization through DX, and received an award at the above competition.
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Hokuriku Telecommunications Bureau Chief Award Ceremony (October 28, 2022 at Sakura Home Head Office)
Based on the system know-how that we have cultivated in-house since 2020, we also operate a business that supports the DX of small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide, and we have provided more than 100 custom applications, RPA, and BI tools so far. I’m here. (Sakura Home Group Business Solutions Division Service details:
We also hold free web seminars every week to introduce our company’s achievements and success points through DX.
Automation practical example seminar:
Visualization example seminar: Management DX practical example seminar:
We also develop and sell the DX reservation system “apotta” that provides all-in-one functions necessary for reservation work (calendar reservation, questionnaire sending, electronic gift sending, remote reservation, etc.).
apotta details:
▼ What is the National SME Cloud Practice Award?
The National Small and Medium Enterprise Cloud Practice Award is a competition that presents the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President’s Award, etc. for excellent initiatives from among model cases that have improved profitability and improved management efficiency through the use of cloud services. is. Companies working on cloud utilization will present online what kind of problems they faced and how they overcame them. Local competitions are held in five districts, and companies that present excellent examples are selected for the national competition.
Click here for details:
[Image 2d111666-1-8ed816db27bc66271ae9-1.png&s3=111666-1-27c50574182dbee4323be58447b5edcf-1305x680.png
Presentation at the local convention
▼ About “Sakura Home Group”
We provide comprehensive services for “living” in the three
prefectures of Hokuriku, and have been working on DX using groupware since our founding. By building a highly productive organization, the number of real estate transactions is top class in Hokuriku, and the number of annual housing starts is No. 1 in Ishikawa Prefecture for eight consecutive years.
*Fiscal 2021 results
[Image 3d111666-1-6b9770255274f2de807d-2.png&s3=111666-1-1804028962734160f6582520112221bd-960x540.png
Sakura Home Group Company Profile

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