Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd., which is strong in SEO / content marketing, has released “Sakura Saku Works for biz”, a platform that connects WEB personnel and WEB marketing personnel.

Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd.
Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd., which is strong in SEO / content marketing, has released “Sakura Saku Works for biz”, a platform that connects WEB personnel and WEB marketing personnel.
Entrust the huge amount of marketing work to a dedicated director with a custom order!

Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masayuki Negishi), which has strong SEO consulting and content marketing, is Sakura Saku Works for biz
( biz/) and Sakura Saku Works ( for workers have been released at the same time.
■What is Sakura Saku Works for biz?
◇ Sakura Saku Works for biz:
[Video 2:] “Sakura Saku Works for biz” is a service in which more than 4,000 professional personnel of “Sakura Saku Works” handle various marketing operations within a company.
[Image 1d61639-3-1e50c4c6cf31af57950d-0.jpg&s3=61639-3-aacdc8714a98fb966759eaa708f377dc-1068x709.jpg
For example, for tasks that were thought to be difficult to outsource, such as content article creation, proofreading and review work, WordPress upload work, image creation, and video editing work, a full-time director will listen to the issues and requests, and provide professional services. Leverage talent. We accept orders for made-to-order. This is the new service “Sakura Saku Works for biz” provided by Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd.
■ Background of the birth of the service
Since the corona pandemic in February 2020, the wave of DX has accelerated rapidly. As a result, salespeople have had to convert the work that they used to do through real-world business negotiations and phone calls to the web. The business of web marketing is diversified, and there is a shortage of human resources who are particularly strong in IT and web marketing. An increasing number of companies are unable to do what they want to do due to lack of human resources, skills, budget, etc.
Since its founding in 2005, Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd. has grown as a partner in solving corporate problems, focusing on SEO and content marketing. For many years, while I was involved in customer web marketing, one of the challenges I always faced was “lack of resources.” Due to the lack of resources, the proposed measures could not be implemented, making it difficult to achieve results.
While companies are suffering from a lack of resources, looking at the workers side, in recent years, remote work has spread, the number of companies that encourage side jobs has increased, and free time has increased due to work style reforms. Sex is expanding.
“Sakura Saku Works for biz” was created by focusing on this unbalanced situation between companies and workers. A full-time director gathers, manages, and utilizes the power of excellent workers nationwide to eliminate the lack of resources and skills on the company side, and together build a system that can implement “offensive” measures. ■ You can solve these problems
1. lack of resources
Marketing business does not turn around
Staff resigned and cannot be handed over
people can’t get
2. Emergency response
Strict delivery requirements from large customers
Responding to complaints creates urgent work
3. Utilization of outsourcing
I made a request to an individual, but there was a problem with the delivery date and quality.
I want to outsource, but my work is not organized
4. specialized skills
I want to do 〇〇, but lack of in-house know-how
I want to do 〇〇, but there is a lack of internal resources
■We can order such work.
Please feel free to consult us about any problems you may have with the web marketing business within your company.
-Request example-
Content article production
Image & illustration production
Video production & editing
Owned media construction
proofreading & proofreading
CMS Operation & Management (WordPress)
Article submission agent
questionnaire research
Various other microtasks
Whether it is a one-by-one consultation or a large volume of inquiries with a tight deadline, it is possible to respond by gathering workers. ■ What is different from ordinary crowdsourcing?
[Image 2d61639-3-95f70127981e49cf3d60-1.jpg&s3=61639-3-d0ea7acaeb189e69bffd5a7e56a4d919-1048x427.jpg
The biggest feature of “Sakura Saku Works for biz” is that it is a transaction between a company (your company) and a company (Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd.). Your company’s dedicated director (Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd. staff) will absorb all the troubles and troubles that occur between companies and individuals. The biggest difference from ordinary crowdsourcing services is that all work can be progressed only by communicating with a dedicated director. [Image 3d61639-3-f53d33c099db4f243410-2.jpg&s3=61639-3-7f21bcad2ed17a50fbe94557e4a93b15-834x540.jpg
◇ 3 common problems when requesting work between companies and individuals 1. Quality
・The desired level of deliverables does not rise
2.Delivery date
・Determined delivery dates may not be met, and sometimes contact may be lost… 3. Labor of negotiation
・You have to deal with negotiations on quotations and conditions each time. Currently, if you have any problems such as heavy work load in your company, lack of resources, or not being able to effectively utilize outsourcing, we look forward to hearing from you. First of all, we will listen to the details and propose the best solution.
[Image 4d61639-3-5319ee2426aa23a3f2c7-3.jpg&s3=61639-3-93a6112e88b7fefaa183d6b596e6f565-795x505.jpg
■President Negio
Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd. President Negio
[Image 5d61639-3-cb893a6c895e7b50ed28-4.jpg&s3=61639-3-e336920121f5855e18b9c88fab7b9387-300x450.jpg
, We strive to provide various information based on the concept of conveying difficult web marketing and SEO information to anyone in an easy-to-understand manner. A one-year seminar satisfaction survey boasts results with over 92% of participants rating it as
satisfactory. Outside of seminars, we are actively providing information on YouTube and Twitter, so please take this opportunity to subscribe to our channel and follow us.
◇ President Negio’s web marketing channel
◇ President Negio’s online seminar
◇President Negio’s Twitter
◇Note from President Negio
■ About Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd.
◇Company profile
Company name: Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Toru Hayashi
President: Masayuki Negishi (President Negishi)
Established: August 8, 2005
Location: Hulic Shibuya 1-chome Building 620, 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ◇ Business content
・ SEO consulting
・Content marketing
◇In-house media
・ SEO Research Institute “Sakura Sakura Lab”
・New platform “Sakura Saku Works” where workers gather
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