Sala Corporation Co., Ltd. Chubu Gas Real Estate About the start of the new vacant house management service “Sala’s Home Watch Support”

Sala Corporation Co., Ltd.
[Chubu Gas Real Estate] About the start of the new service “Sala’s Home Watching Support” for management of vacant houses
SALA Group’s regional revitalization and vacant house measures project planning 2nd

Chubu Gas Real Estate Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Toyohashi, Aichi) is a consolidated subsidiary of Sala Corporation (headquartered in Toyohashi, Aichi; President and CEO: Goro Jinno), which operates in the Higashi-Mikawa, Aichi and Enshu, Shizuoka regions. , President: Shingo Akama, hereinafter “Chubu Gas Real Estate”) will start providing a new service for managing vacant houses, “Sala’s Home Watching Support”, from November 16, 2022.
[Service name/contents]
“Sala’s Home Watch Support”
This is a service that performs patrols, collects mail, and conducts external patrols after a disaster for houses where people do not normally live. The service area will be developed mainly in the Higashi Mikawa and Enshu regions.

-Service logo-
[Reliable plan to choose from]
1. Light plan [5,500 yen (including tax) for the outer circumference] Once a month, we will inspect and photograph the exterior and send a report by email or post. Check and organize mail during patrols. In the event of a disaster, we will conduct external patrols and report any abnormalities.
2. Standard plan [outside + indoor service 8,800 yen (tax included)] In addition to the light plan of 1., we will check for leaks/mold in the room, ventilation/ventilation, and simple cleaning work once a month.
3. Deluxe plan [outside + indoor service + home security 14,300 yen (tax included)]
In addition to the standard plan in 2., this is a plan that includes ALSOK’s home security for homes away from home. In the event of an emergency, a security guard will rush to the scene.
[Customer benefits]
1. Prevents deterioration of buildings and maintains asset value as real estate. 2. The comings and goings of people will be a crime prevention measure. 3. You can reduce the time spent on checking the status of vacant houses and taking care of them.
[Offer start date] Wednesday, November 16, 2022
 There are currently more than 8 million vacant houses in Japan, and it is expected that the number will continue to increase. As a second stage project for regional revitalization / vacant house
countermeasures project, following “Sara’s Hot Leaseback” * 1, which began offering on November 7, we would like to maintain and improve the appeal of the region. increase.
As a corporate group rooted in the local community, the Sala Group*2 offers a wide range of services and products that will help solve your housing and lifestyle issues. Please feel free to contact us. *1 “Sala’s Hot Leaseback” *2 The SALA Group is a corporate group with SALA Corporation (head office: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Goro Kamino) as a holding company. It consists of 46 lifestyle-related companies such as sales. Based on the group philosophy of “making living spaces more beautiful and comfortable”, we support the lives and businesses of local residents, mainly in the Higashi Mikawa area of ​​Aichi Prefecture and the Enshu area of ​​Shizuoka Prefecture.
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