Sale information AUKEY PD3.0 equipped 60W output USB charger “PA-D4” is 50% off! Weighing and compact, noteb ook PCs can also be charged quickly, so it’s amazing ♪

[AUKEY] PD3.0 equipped 60W output USB charger “PA-D4” is 50% off! Weighing and compact, notebook PCs can also be charged quickly, so it’s amazing ♪
AUKEY “PA-D4” We will announce the sale information.

The 60W USB-C charger “PA-D4” that uses GaN will be held at the AUKEY official online shop with a 50% off sale.
From November 16th (Wednesday) to November 25th (Friday), you can purchase at a price of 1,790 yen!
Product detail page
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Equipped with a foldable PD3.0 compatible USB-C port that uses the next-generation power semiconductor material “GaN”, it is compatible with iPhone 14/13, GalaxyS10, MacBook, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch and other USB-C devices. You can charge all USB devices with this one. With a high output of up to 3A, it can be charged to about 50% in 30 minutes, greatly shortening the charging time. In addition, since it is compatible with voltages around the world (AC 100-240V), the design is similar to a cube and the corners are rounded, so it does not damage clothes or stored bags, does not interfere with adapters, and can be used in narrow spaces. can also be used. It is ideal not only for daily use but also for overseas travel. While compact, this product can be used to charge a wide range of devices, and is a new standard for minimalists who enjoy mobile life.
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Product Features
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[Next-generation power semiconductor material “GaN adoption] The world’s first technology enables highly efficient charging with reduced heat generation.
[Compact and High Power] The USB-C port equipped with Power Delivery 3.0 achieves a high output of up to 60W. It can quickly charge a wide range of USB-C electronic devices such as 13” MacBook Pro, iPhone 11 / 11Pro / XS / XS Max / XR / X /8 / 8 Pro, Nintendo Switch, including the latest MacBook Pro.
Equipped with Safe Protection: The circuit protection system prevents overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits, providing powerful and safe charging.
[Ideal for travel] The foldable plug makes it extremely portable. You can easily carry it in your pocket or bag.
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Product specifications
Model number: PA-D4
Technology: Power Delivery 3.0
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
USB-C output: (Power Delivery 3.0) DC 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 3A Total power: 60W
Dimensions: 64 x 60 x 29mm
Weight: 122g
Product detail page
Selling price
1,790 yen
campaign information
November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) to November 25, 2022 (Friday)
[Table 2: ]
please note:
*Please note that if the limited quantity of 100 units is reached, it will end even within the valid time.
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AUKEY has more than 10 years of experience in hardware development, and adopts advanced technology to develop and produce highly reliable home appliances and smartphone peripherals. We are a technical team that strives to provide products with attention to detail and practicality. From USB-C accessories to smartphone lenses to Bluetooth audio products, we continuously develop and expand our product portfolio to provide a more comfortable digital life.
AUKEY has been selected as one of China’s top 50 global brands for three consecutive years since 2018 in the announcement of Google x BrandZ. In order to satisfy our customers, we aim to create products with a 2-year worry-free warranty and strive to improve our services every day.

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