Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited Introducing the “Looney Tunes” collection commemorating the 80th anniversar y of Tweety from three brands of the Samantha Thavasa Group!

Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited
The “Looney Tunes” collection commemorating the 80th anniversary of Tweety has appeared from three brands of the Samantha Thavasa Group!
Pay attention to the design that combines the representative design of each brand and the character.
Samantha Thavasa’s popular all-over pattern design and “Looney Tunes” are crossed
Expand items. Sales start from 11/21, the birthday of “Tweety”!

[Image 4d47990-143-703d94a08dbf8c18b13d-0.jpg&s3=47990-143-83ba4df4b98b3286403964cb01496620-1080x1080.jpg
Samantha Thavasa
[Image 13d47990-143-81517da76139c2147e6c-1.jpg&s3=47990-143-6de9ac69659132a60fe42d3fc6cc1b73-1080x1080.jpg
[Image 15d47990-143-26afbeec426b2c3927b0-2.jpg&s3=47990-143-241b8df549d76b10342bf2b4f76692f9-1080x1080.jpg
Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice
Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited (President: Yukimasa Yoneda, Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo) has partnered with Warner Bros. Developed a collaboration collection with the iconic Looney Tunes. Among them, we will develop items commemorating the 80th anniversary of the representative character “Tweety”.
There are three brands: “Samantha Thavasa,” “Samantha Vega,” and “Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice.”
One of the points that I would like you to pay attention to is the different color scheme of the items and the touch of the designed “Looney Tunes” art, which is a collection that combines lively and unique characters with each brand color.
Pre-orders for Samantha Thavasa items will be accepted from 11/17 and a special page will be opened.
Store sales will start on November 21st, the birthday of “Tweety”. The Samantha Vega and Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice collections will be available from mid-January 2023.
Samantha Thavasa “Looney Tunes” Collaboration Collection
Special page URL: Samantha Thavasa Item Details
Tote bag/Mini shoulder bag
[Image 4d47990-143-703d94a08dbf8c18b13d-0.jpg&s3=47990-143-83ba4df4b98b3286403964cb01496620-1080x1080.jpg
Samantha Thavasa
[Image 5d47990-143-de24a7931347b41027c5-8.jpg&s3=47990-143-2afa003be4d893f02edb73b02e37f1f6-1500x1500.jpg
[Image 6d47990-143-bb2f28e4dd086ebda440-7.jpg&s3=47990-143-3b8379ece3c98dc18050b70fba228ba4-1500x1500.jpg
[Image 7d47990-143-edf6a16cf557f253cfad-9.jpg&s3=47990-143-78c4f63abe6c49df3a6b1dee2d16356d-1500x1500.jpg
An item that adds one point by designing art emblems of “Tweety” and “Bugs Bunny” to the popular original all-over pattern that designed Samantha Thavasa’s initials S and T. The point is the playful “Bugs Bunny” and the slightly grumpy “Tweety” expression. The interior is also designed with the overall pattern of each character, adding a sense of fun.
Two types of tote bags that can store A4 size and personal computers and mini shoulders recommended for cashless people.
Tote bag ¥33,000
Shoulder bag ¥24,200
Wallet/Bag Charm
[Image 8d47990-143-ebbaab33dfdaf908a91a-3.jpg&s3=47990-143-44c36f2ca6e3c7bd6950bfcb77247bd5-1080x1080.jpg
A long wallet with “Tweety” and “Bugs Bunny” emblems and a cute bag charm of two people are now available in the elegant series of original patterns and piping designs. With motifs inspired by characters and colored stones, the design further enhances the world. Long wallet ¥24,200
Bag charm ¥6,600
fur bag
[Image 9d47990-143-536130bb2fba944a8201-4.jpg&s3=47990-143-6e1b8ae5db9b1d17f211f94b157e1f93-1080x1080.jpg
[Image 10d47990-143-b2a2e0f026b336c3285f-10.jpg&s3=47990-143-4dafa077bb0e6ae705e1577eea20f733-1500x1500.jpg
[Image 11d47990-143-b3bcee237bab1dead945-11.jpg&s3=47990-143-e15b23142f91992781e96755585d5e82-1500x1500.jpg
[Image 12d47990-143-874fdd3b16c4855fe909-12.jpg&s3=47990-143-2a70aaf94bc0850f12163b7822bf5d19-1500x1500.jpg
Colored fur bags inspired by “Tweety” and “Bugs Bunny” are also available. A tag charm with a foil stamped character is also designed.
The bag is designed in the image of “Bugs Bunny” and has a tail on the back. An item that is sure to make you feel tight. The interior is designed with the overall pattern of each character.
Bag ¥22,000
■ The Samantha Vega Collection will be on sale from mid-January 2023 [Image 13d47990-143-81517da76139c2147e6c-1.jpg&s3=47990-143-6de9ac69659132a60fe42d3fc6cc1b73-1080x1080.jpg
[Image 14d47990-143-7f3f99fb42109e04fd70-5.jpg&s3=47990-143-80d6b3e5df7fcbc6653336bb71761f8e-1080x1080.jpg
A Samantha Vega collection featuring comical and pop American comic style designs.
Backpacks, wallets, and A4-sized tote bags with all-over designs are also available.
The shoulder bag designed with 4 characters, “Tweety”, “Bugs Bunny”, “Sylvester” and “Wiley Coyote”, has character art that makes you feel as if you are chasing.
■ Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice Collection, on sale from mid-January 2023 [Image 15d47990-143-26afbeec426b2c3927b0-2.jpg&s3=47990-143-241b8df549d76b10342bf2b4f76692f9-1080x1080.jpg
Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice
[Image 16d47990-143-84fcbad38fb0f4404410-6.jpg&s3=47990-143-c70353a76209d1a6af672cea6c77d174-1080x1080.jpg
A collection of Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice with a gentle impression of pale yellow and light blue color scheme.
Wallet accessories designed with American comic style art with various expressions of “Tweety”,
Develop shoulders and wallet shoulders with “Tweety” with beige as the main color.
Please also pay attention to the art that cuts out one frame of “Tweety” being chased by “Sylvester”.
Sales schedule
■ Samantha Thavasa
Pre-order reception and special page open from November 17th Store sales start from November 21
Special page:
Samantha Vega Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice
Scheduled to start selling from mid-January 2023
■Company profile
Trade name: Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited
Head office: 〒108-0073
Sumitomo Realty & Development Azabu Juban Building 10F, 1-4-1 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: President and CEO: Yukimasa Yoneda
Established: March 10, 1994
Business: Planning, manufacturing and sales of bags and jewelry URL:
LOONEY TUNES and all related characters and elements (C) (TM) & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s22)
Details about this release:


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