Samlight Co., Ltd. A TikTok creator belonging to Samlight will be on stage as a lecturer at Schoo, which provides an online learning service (broadcast on November 28)

Samlight Co., Ltd.
A TikTok creator belonging to Samlight will be on stage as a lecturer at Schoo, which provides an online learning service (Broadcast on November 28)
Chiba, who belongs to our Social Experience Lab., will talk about the appeal and use of TikTok at “Schoo”, the largest video learning service in Japan with 800,000 members and 2,700 corporate users.
Samlight Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Ikedo, hereinafter referred to as “Samlight”), which supports corporate content marketing and media business, has recently announced that it has 800,000 members and 2,700 corporate users in Japan. We are pleased to announce that Saki Chiba, who belongs to our Social Experience Lab. Regarding the live broadcast on the same day, not only existing members but also anyone after membership registration can participate for free, so please join us.

■ Overview
●Course name
Why do people use TikTok ~ Learn about the charm and usage of TikTok ~ ●Broadcast date
November 28 (Mon) 20:00-20:45
● How to participate
Anyone can participate after registering as a free member.
*For details on seminars and how to register, please see below.
●Course outline
TikTok may not be used by many people because it is something young people do, but in recent years, it has begun to be used in various business scenes, mainly for marketing.
This time, Mr. Saki Chiba, who also manages TikTok and has many followers, will learn about the appeal of TikTok based on his own experience, and how to use it in the business scene. (Excerpt from Schoo’s site)
・Saki Chiba (Chief, Social Experience Lab, Media Marketing 2nd Division) Acquired a total of nearly 300,000 followers on his personally operated TikTok account and YouTube channel. After joining Samlight, he used his knowledge to engage in research and development related to YouTube and TikTok and support for corporate utilization. Currently serves as the research and development leader in the TikTok area. ●Organizer
School Co., Ltd.
■ About Samlight’s TikTok service
As the word “TikTok sales” became a hot topic, TikTok’s influence is increasing year by year, such as having a direct impact on product sales. In order for a company’s TikTok marketing to succeed, it is essential to keep track of its own algorithms, culture, and trends. When working on in-house operation of TikTok’s marketing utilization, I would like to use TikTok for marketing, but I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what kind of video content is appropriate, It tends to be a problem that the understanding cannot catch up. Samlight, which has a wide range of support in the social media marketing field, utilizes the knowledge of a specialized team centered on TikTok creators enrolled in the company to support and act as account management, create videos for TikTok, as well as campaign implementation and TikTok creators ( We have prepared various options such as the appointment of influencers), and provide optimal support for maximizing the effective use of TikTok according to the task and purpose.
In addition to creating buzz and results on TikTok, we also provide comprehensive support to achieve marketing goals, including linkage and cooperation with other SNS and websites to create greater effects. Samlight will continue to strive to expand its services in the areas of content marketing, SNS and video in order to realize a society in which both companies and consumers are colored through various contents in an era where corporate use of video becomes commonplace. I will come.
[TikTok-related services]
・ TikTok account operation support
・Short video production service
■ About Samlight
Samlight is a “MEDIA MARKETING COMPANY” with a vision of “believing in content, promoting media, and coloring people.” We support the business and marketing of companies with a focus on content marketing. In addition, through our own media management, business development with mass media, and media consulting business, we will open up new forms of media business and new marketing for the next era.
Company Profile
Name: Samlight Co., Ltd. (English: SOMEWRITE inc.)
Head office location: Grandforet B1, 3-57-6 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Satoshi Ikedo, Representative Director and CEO Corporate site:
Content marketing information media “SOME MEDIA”: Inquiries regarding this matter
Samlight Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager
TEL: 03-6550-8907
Details about this release:


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