San-X “Sumiko Gurashi Newspaper” 10th anniversary special issue will be released on November 30 (Wednesday)! Sports information tabloid newspaper

San-X Co., Ltd.
“Sumikko Gurashi Newspaper” 10th anniversary special issue will be released on November 30 (Wednesday)! [Sports information tabloid newspaper]
~Examination drill poster & theme art chronology poster + 10th anniversary commemorative logo sticker included! ~

San-X Co., Ltd., from Sports Report (Hochi Shimbun), commemorates the 10th anniversary of San-X’s character “Sumiko Gurashi”, a tabloid newspaper with goods “Sumikko Gurashi Newspaper 10th Anniversary Special Issue”. We would like to inform you that it will be released on November 30th.
A realistic reproduction of a fictitious newspaper in the world of “Sumiko Gurashi”.
It will be the second installment of the “Sumikko Gurashi Newspaper” following the “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Newspaper” Special Issue, which featured “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Magical Girl of the Blue Moonlit Night” released in November last year. .
All-color 16-page + sample drill poster & theme art chronology poster with 10th anniversary logo sticker for 880 yen including tax. It can be purchased at FamilyMart stores nationwide (excluding some stores) and sports report EC site “Hochi Entertainment Market (H.O.E.M.)” specializing in entertainment.
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△ One page that realistically reproduces the “Sumiko Gurashi Newspaper” in the world of the work
Commemorating the 10th anniversary of Sumikko, Mr. Yoshihiko Inohara and other congratulatory comments
The Hochi Shimbun also celebrated its 150th anniversary this year, and gave a certificate of commendation to the 10th anniversary Sumikko as the “Ho! To Healing Award”.
As a special presenter, actress and figure skater Miyu Honda and Sara sisters, who are known to be big fans of Sumikko Gurashi, acted as a scoop on the front page of the “Sumikko Gurashi Newspaper”!
In addition to interviews with Mr. Honda’s sisters who are full of love for Sumikko, congratulatory comments from celebrities from various fields are posted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sumikko.
In addition to the movie’s narrator Yoshihiko Inohara, actress Manami Honjo, comedian Takashi Fujii, actress Hinako Kitano of former Nogizaka46, and HIP HOP artist KREVA also sent congratulatory messages.
Comments from actress Megumi Yasu, media personality Emi Hashino, actress and fashion model SUMIRE, Takuki Tsuzuki of the comedy trio “Yonsen-toushi”, and shogi player Akira Watanabe are also posted. In addition, it is a permanent preservation version unique to the 10th anniversary that is irresistible to fans, such as a roundtable discussion by the author Yuri Yokomizo and San-X staff and a special feature on the 10th anniversary collaboration event.
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(C) Sports announcement
△ Honda sisters x “Penguin?” from “Sumikko Gurashi”
Available at FamilyMart nationwide
The extracted poster is a drill poster that carefully selects 40 questions from the Sumikko Gurashi test practice questions on the front, and the back is a Sumikko chronological poster that traces the theme art.
A B6 size 10th anniversary logo sticker is also included, and can be purchased at FamilyMart nationwide (excluding some stores) and sports news EC site “Hochi Entertainment Market (H.O.E.M.)” specializing in entertainment.
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△ B6 size 10th anniversary logo sticker
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・Appearance: Tabloid format all color 16 pages + sample A1 size origami poster, with B6 size original sticker
・Price: 880 yen (tax included)
・ Sales locations: Family Mart nationwide (excluding some stores), Yurindo (some stores), Bunkyodo (some stores), Kinokuniya Shinjuku Main Store, etc.
・ Mail order: Sports report EC site “Hochi Entertainment Market (H.O.E.M)” (
・ Release date: November 30, 2022
*Family Mart in Yamagata Prefecture will be placed from the evening of November 25th due to distribution.
・ Rights notation: (C) 2022 San-x Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. *For bookstores who wish to handle this product, please contact us here. Email
Telephone 03-6831-1380
[Inquiries about the release]
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What is Sumikko Gurashi?
~ Sumikko Gurashi is 10 years old this year! ~
A character that was born in 2012 with the keyword “This is where I calm down.” Characters and stories that are not only cute but also slightly negative and surreal are gaining popularity among a wide range of people.
If you get on the train, the corner seats will fill up, and if you go to a cafe, you want to secure a seat in the corner as much as possible. “Sumiko” embodies such feelings that many Japanese people have.
▷ Learn more
■ About San-X
We manufacture, sell, and license 100% original character products designed by our own designers, such as Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi, and Tarepanda.
Although they look cute, they have a surreal feel that makes you laugh, and they have a kindness that makes you feel close to people’s hearts and embrace them. Many people are drawn to its mysterious charm and view of the world.
We are planning various events and tie-ups with companies to deliver the healing power and kindness of characters all over the world. – Check SNS for the latest information on Sumikko Gurashi!
Goods and event information are being updated at any time!
▼ Sumikko Gurashi Communication (San-X Net)
▼ Sumikko Gurashi Official Twitter
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