Sanei Next-generation car experience event “EV+ Experience 2022 in Toyota City” ends with great success

Next-generation car experience event “EV+ Experience 2022 in Toyota City” ends with great success
Long line from early in the morning for 152 test ride slots for 2 days
Sanei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidenobu Ito) is an automobile experience event “EV + Experience 2022 in Toyota City” (operated by : EV+ Experience Executive Committee | Sanei Co., Ltd.) was held from November 12th (Sat) to 13th (Sun), 2022 at the station square in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.
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This event, titled “EV+ Experience 2022 in Toyota City”, will be held as a special event for visitors to experience for two days on Saturdays and Sundays during the period of “Forum 8 Rally Japan 2022” held in Aichi and Gifu prefectures. The stage was Toyota City Station Square (Toyoshiba, artificial turf, GAZA South Square), which is located on the main route leading to Toyota Stadium, where the service park for Rally Japan is located. In order to liven up the festival of the WRC, which is a world championship, we aimed to create an event where fans visiting from all over Japan and local residents could come in contact with and experience next-generation cars.
During the exhibition period, with the cooperation of exhibitors, the event will be operated with a total of 20 vehicles, including 8 test drives, 11 exhibits, and 1 special exhibit. The first day was sunny, and the second day was unfortunately rainy, but the test drive event was a great success, with people lining up from early in the morning. .
This event will be developed as a “new age automobile experience event” that realizes carbon neutrality and ecology. As a secretariat project, the “Mirai racing car” that participated in the 2015 WRC Germany was exhibited in the hall with the cooperation of the Toyota Museum. On Sunday morning, Mr. Mitsuhiro Kunisawa himself made a surprise visit and many fans asked for his autograph.
The name “EV+” in the name of the event is not limited to EVs (electric vehicles), but also includes all environmentally friendly next-generation vehicles such as hydrogen-powered vehicles, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids. . It is literally a free admission event packed with content that will allow you to experience the cars of the future before anyone else.
The EV+ Experience Executive Committee was pleased with the event, which was held for the first time and featured next-generation cars. Overview of EV+ Experience 2022 in Toyota City
Date: November 12, 2022 (Sat) 10:00-17:00, 13th (Sun) 10:00-16:00 Venue: Toyota City Ekimae Square (Toyoshiba, artificial turf, GAZA South Square) 2-98-1 Kitacho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
Organizer: EV+ Experience Executive Committee (Sanei Co., Ltd.) Sponsored by: Rally Japan Secretariat (Sands Co., Ltd.)
Cooperation: Toyota City
Entrance Fee: Free
Contents: Exhibition and test drive of next-generation models such as EV, PHEV, and HEV, exhibition of racing cars
Special page: ■ Exhibition brands
■ Special exhibition
MIRAI Kunisawa (Toyota Automobile Museum)
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Here are some photos of the day’s event.
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At the test drive reception, many people lined up from the early morning when the morning sun was dazzling.
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Before the test drive started, I could feel the tension in the photos. The test drive starts at the gate where you can enjoy the feeling of a rally.
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Many people lined up early in the morning to register for the test drive. Thank you. The venue was full of enthusiasm with many visitors. [Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

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The big attraction of this event is that you can touch next-generation cars. [Image 12d23526-793-0afd752da4f30d922e2a-5.jpg&s3=23526-793-fba3d307e515ce42f5b3acfe6e6919b4-3900x2196.jpg
The only racing car in the exhibition is the MIRAI Kunisawa. On Sunday morning, Mr. Mitsuhiro Kunisawa himself will be present. It was autograph attack from fans.
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Tomoya Katsumata (left) and Akiyo Matsuda held a live talk. It was a blast!!

■ About Sanei Co., Ltd.
Over the course of its 70-year history, Sanei has continued to publish automobile and racing magazines, and has amassed various resources, diverse networks both inside and outside the industry, and highly specialized knowledge and archives. With this as a weapon, we have expanded our horizons to various genres such as sports, fashion, and outdoor activities. Through magazines and events, we are enhancing our brand power and developing content on the web and in video.
Representative Director: Hidenobu Ito
Founded: October 1947
Established: September 17, 1952
Capital: 98 million yen
Employees: 141
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November 16, 2022
Sanei Co., Ltd.
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