Sanjo City Held a presentation of the results of “Shimoda Marketing Junior High School” at Shimoda Junior High School in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

Sanjo City
Held an event to present the results of “Shimoda Marketing Junior High School” at Shimoda Junior High School in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture.
After the opening of National Route 289 (hereafter referred to as Yajurigoe Road), Shimoda Township will be developed as a tourist area, and in order to consider initiatives that incorporate the perspectives of young people, the city will become a client and ask third-year students from Shimoda Junior High School to provide consulting services. Shimoda Marketing Junior High School”. We hold result presentation that student announces examination contents to the mayor. [Points of this case]
● Held a meeting to present the results of the Shimoda Marketing Junior High School, in which third-year junior high school students consider developing a tourist area after the opening of National Route 289.
Proposal to the mayor and local business operators of initiatives that students have studied and considered marketing methods
[Outline of this matter]
1: Saturday, November 19th, 9:40 am to 11:30 am
2 Tokoro Shimoda Junior High School
3 Contents Presentation of results by third-year students of Shimoda Junior High School (16 groups in total)
■ About “Shimoda Marketing Junior High School”
In developing Shimoda-go, which will be the gateway to Niigata Prefecture after the opening of the Yasorigoe Road, the city requested consulting from a third-year student at Shimoda Junior High School as a client in order to consider initiatives that incorporate the perspectives of young people. I’m here.
The students have been learning marketing methods since June, and after several workshops, have been considering efforts to develop Shimoda-go as a tourist area.
■ About Yasurigoe Road
The improvement is expected to eliminate impassable sections and reduce the travel time by car between Sanjo City and Tadami Town in Fukushima Prefecture to about half of the current time, which is expected to promote exchanges.
[About Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture]
Sanjo City in Niigata Prefecture is a “manufacturing town” centered on the metal processing industry, and has long been called “Tsubame Sanjo” along with the neighboring Tsubame City. There are nail care products that are loved all over the world and knives that are nationally designated traditional crafts. The exhibition
“Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Museum” held in 2021, where you can experience a factory, won the “Red Dot Design Award”, which is considered to be one of the three major design awards in the world. ” was selected. In addition to its increasing recognition as a town for outdoor equipment manufacturers, it is also attractive for high-quality agricultural products such as the phantom European pear Le Lectier, which are nurtured by the rich nature.
Shimoda-go is located in the eastern part of Sanjo City, and has some of the most beautiful nature in Niigata Prefecture, such as
Yagigahana, one of Niigata Prefecture’s top 100 scenic spots, and Kita-Imogawa Terraced Rice Fields, which has been selected as a heritage of connecting terraced rice fields. The enclosed area offers outdoor activities such as fishing and camping.
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