Sansan introduces commmune to “Sansan User Forum”, an online community for users

Commune Co., Ltd.
Sansan introduces commmune to “Sansan User Forum”, an online community for users
Commune Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director), which provides “commmune”, a community success platform where companies and users merge, and “SuccessHub”, an action platform for efficient customer success. CEO: Yuya Takada) is pleased to announce that commmune has been introduced to the Sansan User Forum, an online community for users of the DX service that changes the way people work, provided by Sansan Co., Ltd.
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What is “Sansan User Forum”?
An online community where users of DX services provided by Sansan can participate. You can freely exchange information and interact regardless of the company or region you belong to.
What you can do with the Sansan User Forum
Questions, consultations, and answers to other users
Information sharing and interaction between users who share the same issues and interests
Feature requests for DX services that change the way you work View member-only content
Get information about events and updates
Registration for events and seminars
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Comments from the person in charge
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Sansan Co., Ltd. Community Strategy Office / Deputy Director Community Promotion Officer
Mr. Tatsunori Onei
“Many new exchanges will be born, and many innovations will be created.” Six years have passed since the start of operation of Sansan’s user community “Sansan Innovation Community”, which has been operated with the aim of such a future. With the changing times, the business scene has changed significantly, and I feel that the interests and concerns of each user are becoming more diverse than ever.
This time, we have decided to update the online community “Sansan User Forum” with the aim of creating an environment where users with the same interests can meet and communicate more easily.
Through community activities, we would like to continue to take on various challenges together with commmune in order to create new “encounters” that have never existed before.
■ About “commmune”
“commmune” is a community success platform provided by Commune Co., Ltd. You can easily build and operate the optimal customer community for your company with no code, and it is possible to make one-stop communication between customers and users. Through the customer community, we will promote problem solving, improvement of usage, and increase of fans, and realize continuous sales improvement of the company.
[Held on November 30 (Wednesday)] Digital touch to enhance the high-touch customer experience! Let’s dress the CSM in the field with a powered suit!
commmune materials that can be understood in 3 minutes
■ About “SuccessHub”
“SuccessHub” is an action platform for efficient customer success provided by Commune Co., Ltd. You can immediately grasp the customer’s situation, take action and contact in one place, and the customer success action will be faster and more efficient.
[Held on Wednesday, November 30] Basics of customer success [04 Utilization support for customers]
SuccessHub materials in 3 minutes
■ Commune Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Commune Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuya Takada, Representative Director and CEO Established: May 10, 2018
Business description: Operation of the community success platform “commmune” and the action platform “SuccessHub” that realizes efficient customer success
Location: Meguro Techno Building 2F, 4-31-18 Nishi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
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