Sanwa Direct New light brown color added to the popular folding desk

Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.
New color light brown added to popular folding desk

On the direct sales site “Sanwa Direct” operated by Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-10-1 Tamachi, Kita-ku, Okayama City, President Kazunori Yamada), you can use it as a desk such as a workbench or study desk by spreading it out. 100-DESKN006LM, a versatile folding desk that can be used as a storage wagon when folded, has been released.
[Image 1d11495-3823-4f5171720cb6830aafaf-0.jpg&s3=11495-3823-8b7d237350c80d774ab9a6ab06520cae-1600x1600.jpg
[Image 2d11495-3823-18e9bad51538d5f9ea2c-1.jpg&s3=11495-3823-e7662a4e2a5d12cf217dee8e7be84a00-1600x1600.jpg
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Folding Desk, Compact Desk, Folding Wagon, Study Desk, Workbench, Living Room Study, Telework, Extended Desk, with Casters, Nordic, Stylish, Simple, Light Brown
Model number: 100-DESKN006LM Sales price: 9,819 yen (excluding tax)
This product is a folding desk that can be unfolded and used only when you want to use it. Perfect for living study, small workbench, study desk, and stationary desk extension. When folded, it can also be used as a storage wagon.
[Image 3d11495-3823-88b52b6514197a39b7d8-2.jpg&s3=11495-3823-cbc775239bfa50b7d668bdbb77149e77-1600x1600.jpg
With a width of 107 cm, it is a size that has plenty of room even if you put a laptop and a printer side by side.
[Image 4d11495-3823-1bad4b34d1f04fb33cf9-3.jpg&s3=11495-3823-d5eef69c08f9c20c05cfbc6f9041d3e7-1600x1600.jpg
You can easily move it with casters. Unlike stationary desks, cleaning under the desk is easy.
[Image 5d11495-3823-5a0624a0f57fae5948a1-4.jpg&s3=11495-3823-a2e614295fabc1a1337408574335cd98-1600x1600.jpg
The middle shelf of the wagon can be adjusted in three heights. The load capacity of each shelf of the desk and wagon is 10 kg, and it is a sturdy design that can hold heavy equipment such as printers. [Image 6d11495-3823-d4d52e525f39130747d1-5.jpg&s3=11495-3823-71b79b7aea1d77dca410996a6fffb803-1600x1600.jpg
A melamine decorative board that is resistant to stains is used. [Image 7d11495-3823-b18cb70206c4b3b71969-6.jpg&s3=11495-3823-30d2e7e56cab27cc2fac4e3e9cefd4d8-1600x1600.jpg
The size of this product is about W1070×D550×H700mm when the top plate is opened, about W550×D550×H700mm when folded, and weighs about 18.3kg.
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