Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd. The men’s shoe brand “Sanyo Yamacho” reproduces the custom-made shoes left by the legen dary shoemaker Nobuyoshi Seki. 3 models labeled “Kinsei” will be released all at once on November 23 (Wednesday)

Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.
The men’s shoe brand “Sanyo Yamacho” reproduces the custom-made shoes left by the legendary shoemaker Nobuyoshi Seki. 3 models labeled “Kinsei” will be released all at once on November 23 (Wednesday) ~ A new work of the “Prestige Line” that is luxuriously packed with supreme craftsmanship ~

The men’s shoe brand “Sanyo Yamacho” developed by Sanyo Shokai is a new product for the 2022 autumn / winter season of the “Prestige Line”, which was released in the spring of 2021 as a compilation of the brand’s 20th anniversary. The archive left by Mr. Nobuyoshi Seki, one of Japan’s leading shoe craftsmen who made Yamacho’s custom-made shoes, has been reprinted with all the skills he has. Three models, “Kinsei Hoshinojo”, “Kinsei Yoshinojo” and “Kinsei Kuranojo”, were sold at five “Sanyo Yamacho” stores and at our company. It will be released all at once from November 23 (Wednesday) at the directly managed online store “Sanyo Eye Store”.
The “Prestige Line” is a top-grade series that brings together 20 years of technology, based on the concept of “making a pair of shoes that are as close as possible to bespoke shoes (made-to-order shoes)”. Everything from leather to finishing is made with high quality. Seven models have been released so far, all of which are popular series that have been well received by customers. “Now that we have launched the highest peak series called ‘Prestige Line’, we want to reproduce Mr. Seki’s work.”
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Sanyo Yamacho “Prestige Line” 3 new models (from the left in the photo) “Honorary Hoshinojo” “Honorable Yoshinojo” “Honorable Kuranojo” Background of product development

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Sanyo Yamacho “Prestige Line” Autumn/Winter 2022 model
Due to the spread of remote work due to the corona crisis, the trend of wearing business items has been prolonged, but there is a movement to return to the office this fall and winter, and there are signs of recovery in business items. As lifestyles have changed, fashion needs have changed in terms of selection criteria, such as demand for more valuable items and increased demand for high-quality standard items that can be used for a long time.
~The top grade series is popular at “Sanyo Yamacho”~
The men’s shoe brand “Sanyo Yamacho” celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021, and has released a total of 7 types of “Prestige Line” as a top grade series that brings together 20 years of technology. We received a response from business people who seek high quality. Against this backdrop, in order to offer our customers the best authentic men’s shoes this fall and winter, we have made full use of rare materials and craftsmanship, and have left behind the legacy of the legendary shoemaker Nobuyoshi Seki. We have decided to release three types of reprinted shoes, “Kinsei Hoshinojo”, “Kinsei
Yoshinojo”, and “Kinsei Kuranojo”, as new works in the 2022 autumn / winter season “Prestige Line”.
About manufacturing at Sanyo Yamacho
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Made by a craftsman who knows shoes
~ Manufactured in Japan’s sacred place for making leather shoes ~ Goodyear welted (*1) leather shoes, which are the essence of Sanyo Yamacho, are made at a long-established shoe factory founded in 1949 in Asakusa, known as a sacred place for Japanese leather shoe making. In a typical shoe factory, a detailed division of labor is laid out for each process, and each craftsman is in charge of a specific process. Each craftsman is responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as finishing the shoes, and each craftsman has a wide range of tasks, so it is characterized by their thorough knowledge of shoes. Handwork is done in each process, and we value the creation of “good shoes” that have been handed down and updated over a long history. Production at these factories ensures the quality of Sanyo Yamacho.
*1) Goodyear welt manufacturing method: A manufacturing method in which the upper is hung on the insole of the shoe, a rod-shaped leather called a welt is wrapped around and sewn, and finally the welt and outsole are sewn together.
About the legendary shoemaker “Nobuyoshi Seki” and this reprint The name “Nobuyoshi Seki” has a very special resonance for authentic shoe enthusiasts. As a boy, shortly after the war, he helped his father start a shoe repair and dismantling business, and became a shoemaker in his teens. Acquiring outstanding skills and standing out, he travels from one manufacturer to another as a skilled hand-made shoemaker. Since the latter half of the 1960s, when the wave of mechanization surged, he has consistently maintained his skills. It is right a legend of the real shoes industry. Such Mr. Seki was also a person who made custom-made shoes for “Sanyo Yamacho” when he was active. “The highest peak of Japanese shoes” that the brand aims for. It was a symbol of that.
Because the shoes that Mr. Seki worked on are one-of-a-kind
custom-made shoes, there are few left in the archive of “Sanyo Yamacho”, which has many past works. However, this time, we have unearthed a few ready-made shoe samples that were slightly produced as a limited project in the past. Now that the highest peak series called “Prestige Line” has started, “I want to put all my skills into reprinting Mr. Seki’s work.” The 3 models “Kinsei Hoshinojo”, “Kinsei Yoshinojo”, and “Kinsei Kuranojo” to be released this time have given shape to such thoughts. While faithfully reproducing the design, details, and the craftsmanship that goes into it, the wooden molds are the “R2010” and “R2010S,” which can be said to be the crystals of wisdom accumulated by “Sanyo Yamacho.” and made further progress. At the same time, the pattern paper is also redrawing from scratch. Revive the old famous shoes left by legendary craftsmen with current know-how. It is, so to speak, a fusion of timeless “supreme
craftsmanship”. The result is a masterpiece that will leave its name in the history of Sanyo Yamacho.
About Sanyo Yamacho’s “Prestige Line”
[Prestige line concept]
[Image 5

Prestige line engraving (left) and engraving text (right)
Based on the concept of “making a pair that is as close as possible to bespoke shoes (made-to-order shoes)”, everything from leather to finishing is made with high quality. The insock (half-matted) part is also engraved with the words “special order shoes made in Japan” to express the image of custom shoes [= bespoke shoes], to differentiate it from the normal line.
[Specifications] ・・・・・ Bespoke quality that goes beyond “authentic” Edge part: Adopts “Yahazu finish” which is said to be a traditional Japanese tailoring and is cut into a triangle. It has a sharper edge than the regular flat edge (*2) and gives it a neat impression. *2) Koba: Overhanging part between upper and sole
Heel part: Normally there is a seam, but a seamless heel (made in one piece) is used to make the finest materials stand out. In addition, the heel is finished with a pitched heel that narrows slightly toward the bottom, emphasizing elegance.
Sewing: Stitch work is performed with a more precise stitch pitch than before, giving it a delicate and tight impression.
[Image 6

Yahazu finish
[Image 7

seamless heel
[Image 8

precision sewing

[Materials] ・・・・・ Uses the highest quality materials manufactured by tanners with a long history.
[Image 9d9154-555-3e848c962517199f051b-7.jpg&s3=9154-555-e3cf6da5e442b8b457797ce220bdfa94-1020x600.jpg
The upper has a fine texture, natural luster, and a firm yet supple box calf (*3). We use a long-established French tanner “HAAS” founded in 1842 that also serves as practicality. At first glance, it looks like smooth leather, but if you look closely, it is also characterized by very fine grains. This is called “mizushibo”, and it gives a casual accent while maintaining elegance. The sole uses Oak Berg Bends (*4) made by MARTIN, a long-established German tanner founded in 1645. *3) Box calf: chrome tanned leather from calves within six months of birth *4) Oak Berg Bends: leather tanned with oak bark tannins
Product overview of the new Prestige Line for the Fall/Winter 2022 season ~One letter with sharpened beauty of form~
[Image 10d9154-555-7ed2bb3718111981aced-8.jpg&s3=9154-555-530321ecfb7e76aac23c20eee268e9b4-451x889.jpg
Product name: Kinsei Hoshinojo
Design: Reverso Straight Tip
Deployment size: 6.0 (24cm) ~ 9.0 (27cm)
Wood pattern: R2010
Manufacturing method: flexible Goodyear welt manufacturing method Available colors: Black
Price including tax: ¥165,000
Our model number: Q74-22-800-09
Product URL: The straight tip “Kinsei Hoshinojo” adopts “Reverso tailoring” that sews the seams of the upper without showing the stitches. The design is similar to the “Shoichiro” from the current collection, but the stitches are not visible next to the eyelets, giving it a more minimalist look. High-end tailoring, such as a HAAS box calf, curvaceous semi-beveled waist and seamless heel, are enhanced by the restrained Reverso tailoring. Sanyo Yamacho’s Reverso tailoring is characterized by the fact that the edges of the leather are cut as thin as possible before being sewn together. As a result, the finished surface becomes gentle, creating a flowing sense of unity.
~Double monk that emphasizes elegance~
[Image 11d9154-555-01a96aa12559c065013a-9.jpg&s3=9154-555-bbd3a4ac8411e3c1f217311b2b67bf55-451x891.jpg
Product name: Kinsei Yoshinojo
Design: Double monk strap
Deployment size: 6.0 (24cm) ~ 9.0 (27cm)
Wood pattern: R2010S
Manufacturing method: flexible Goodyear welt manufacturing method Available colors: Black
Price including tax: ¥165,000
Our model number: Q74-24-800-09
Product URL: A pair of shoes that inherited the kanji for “righteousness” from Mr. Seki, the creator. The biggest feature is that the strap part that covers the instep is designed to be thin and the buckle is arranged diagonally. Compared to the common double monk, it has a more dressy and elegant look. I was particular about the fit of the instep. Because the strap is thin, the entire upper holds firmly to maintain comfort. The secret is the “R2010S” last, which is a derivative of the R2010 and was originally developed for slip-ons. This last, which has a slightly lower instep to enhance the sense of hold, is also perfect for this work “Kinsei Yoshinojo”. Combined with the highly flexible “Flexible Goodyear welt manufacturing method”, it achieves an excellent fit.
~ A pair of shoes that are particular about the “finishing of the edge” ~ [Image 12d9154-555-b397005b1961fac80989-10.jpg&s3=9154-555-1e32366a464b7a0f8a3a75a5c56ed064-457x891.jpg
Product name: Kinsei Kuranojo
Design: Side elastic
Deployment size: 6.0 (24cm) ~ 9.0 (27cm)
Wood pattern: R2010
Manufacturing method: flexible Goodyear welt manufacturing method Available colors: Black
Price including tax: ¥165,000
Our model number: Q74-20-800-09
Product URL: Side elastic shoes that eliminate the shoelace and treat the opening part with a belt-shaped part that expands and contracts to hold the foot. Color your feet with a design that looks like custom-made shoes. The unique feature of “Kinsei Kuranojo” is the tailoring called “curled edge”. When sewing toes and vamps, the point is to create a unique three-dimensional effect at the joints by folding the edges of the leather and then applying the stitches. What I would like you to pay more attention to is the finish of the elastic parts. If you look closely, you can see that the leather on the front side is folded at the top and wrapped around the inside. This enhances the beauty when viewed from above. Pursuing aesthetics down to the smallest detail. This is also a unique feature of the Prestige Line.
Sanyo Yamacho “Prestige Line” stores
Directly managed store
・Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
・Tokyo Midtown Hibiya store (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
・Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C store (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
・Midland Square store (Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) department store
・Isetan Shinjuku Store (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo)
EC site
・ Our directly managed online store “Sanyo Ice Store”
About Sanyo Yamacho
A high-class men’s shoe brand from Japan that uses the world’s best materials and proposes high-quality products made by skilled craftsmen based on the creed of “quality first.”
Suitable for: Men
Main price range: Shoes (ready-made) ¥19,800-¥176,000, shoes (pattern-order) ¥102,300-, belts ¥16,500-¥33,000, shoe care
Sales channels: Directly managed stores, department stores, fashion buildings, EC
Brand start: 2001
■ “Sanyo Yamacho” official website ■ “Prestige Line” special site ■ “Sanyo Yamacho” Official SNS Account
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