“Sapporo Lemon The Rich Lemon Gem” Limited Quantity Release

Sapporo Holdings
“Sapporo Lemon The Rich Lemon Gem” Limited Quantity Release
The highest peak in Sapporo Lemon the Rich, the finest blend “lemon gem”
Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd., a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd., will release a limited number of “Sapporo Lemon The Rich Lemon Gem” nationwide on December 6th.

https://direct.cnpt.jp/campaign/sapporobeer/lemontherich/present/teaser (Note 2) Fruit juice containing oil, pericarp and pulp.
(Note 3) Comparison with “Sapporo Lemon the Rich” series year-round products. 1. Product name
Sapporo Lemon The Rich Lemon Gem
2. Package
350ml can
3. Items
Liqueur (effervescent) 1.
4. Alcohol content
5. Pure alcohol content
6. Release Date/Region
December 6, 2022 Nationwide
7. Reference retail price
181 yen (excluding tax)
8. Design features
・By arranging the name “Lemon’s gem” and the “Gokujo Blend” logo, it expresses that it is the highest product in this series.
9. Content features
・Contains about twice the amount of juice (Note 2) that is selected from the good points of lemons as usual (Note 3).
・Combine crushed liqueur in lemon liquid that brings out the depth of flavor, lemon paste that brings out richness, and lemon peel extract that brings out an elegant bitterness, and uses plenty of lemon ingredients.
– Reference – Sapporo Lemon the Rich brand site
-Inquiries from consumers-
Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. Customer Service Center
TEL 0120-207-800
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