Sapporo PARCO Tie-up between Sapporo PARCO and Hokkaido idol FRUiTY!

Parco Co., Ltd.
Sapporo PARCO and Hokkaido idol FRUiTY tie up!
POP UP SHOP with Sapporo PARCO limited goods and in-store mini live performances
For 12 days from November 23rd (Wednesday) to December 4th (Sunday), Sapporo PARCO will be from Hokkaido, active with the keyword “from Hokkaido to the whole country”! We will tie up with the training type fruit idol “FRUiTY”.
In recent years, Sapporo PARCO, which has focused on local culture from various perspectives, will next focus on “idol culture.” [Image 1

At Sapporo PARCO×FRUiTY, various events will be held, such as posting a completely taken visual for this tie-up, holding a POP UP SHOP that handles newly created Sapporo PARCO limited goods, and a mini live performance at the storefront.
In order to prevent the decrease in visitors due to the redevelopment of the center of Sapporo, we will continue to strengthen the appeal of Sapporo PARCO with various mechanisms and strive to improve the appeal of the city.
■Overview of tie-up
Period: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday)-December 4, 2022 (Sunday) Click here for the special website: [Limited narration broadcast by FRUiTY members on the broadcasting in Sapporo PARCO]
During the tie-up period, FRUiTY members will broadcast in the hall. Look forward to the limited narration several times a day!
[FRUiTY NEW SINGLE Release Commemorative Tower Records In-Store Live & PARCO Store Mini-Live]
tower records instore live
Date and time: November 28th (Monday) 18:00-, December 2nd (Friday) 18:00- ■ Venue: 7F Tower Records
PARCO store mini live
Date: December 3 (Sat) 14:00-14:30
■ Venue: 1F shop front event space
*FRUiTY NEW SINGLE “Neekoko Mite”
[Image 2d3639-2231-7001caba27cf54f5ae08-1.jpg&s3=3639-2231-7ebc78dc7904976a381b82a4bb9f54a8-3900x3900.jpg
■Release date: November 28th (Monday)
FRUiTY new system first release song!
Kyunkyun idol song that everyone can dance! Don’t look away, just look at me! It’s hard to say, but I want to convey it, so pay attention to the cute lyrics and choreography that expresses the girl’s feelings! FM Hokkaido program “Waku Waku LP Land” public recording
Public recording of the radio program “Wakuwaku LP Land” where artists, talents and idols belonging to Live Pro appear on a weekly basis!
■ Date and time: Sunday, December 4, 15:30-16:30 ■ Venue: 1F storefront event space
8F YOSHIMI KITCHEN The popular parfait is back for a limited time! Three popular parfaits (strawberry, chocolate, matcha) that were sold at YOSHIMI KITCHEN in the past are available for a limited time. Revived in! During the period, if you order the target parfait, you will receive a Sapporo PARCO x FRUiTY original sticker!
[Image 3d3639-2231-f3f97a9f46ac0b1ead2e-2.jpg&s3=3639-2231-718fb6fd8946f15d32453e4e8d8a04fa-1280x720.jpg

[Image 4d3639-2231-4f1520a702a8a53511cc-3.jpg&s3=3639-2231-ec36195decbc2a04e40179cc3b18ac7e-1280x720.jpg
In addition, FRUiTY members and artists belonging to other live pros will become ambassadors for each parfait and hold a popular showdown of 3 types of parfaits. Let’s eat a parfait and support your favorite! The results will be announced at the “Wakuwaku LP Land” public recording held at PARCO stores on Sunday, December 4th!
■Period: November 23rd (Wednesday) to December 4th (Sunday)
■Sales location: 8F YOSHIMI KITCHEN
* Ends as soon as the stickers and parfait are gone
The original POP UP SHOP of entertainment production “LivePRO”, which has many idols based in Hokkaido, including FRUiTY, will be held for the first time! Limited products of Sapporo PARCO tie-up will also be released.
■Period: November 23 (Wednesday) to November 30 (Wednesday)
■ Venue: B1F event space
*Sapporo PARCO limited product list*
FRUiTY x Sapporo PARCO collaboration T-shirts (9 types in total) 4,400 yen (tax included) *Order sales
[Image 5d3639-2231-f4df3afe5f5bfa5f515e-4.jpg&s3=3639-2231-0c29078825e1fdba40b6bbf962b8e9ff-1280x720.jpg
FRUiTY x Sapporo PARCO collaboration poster (9 types in total) 1,100 yen (tax included)
[Image 6d3639-2231-708d2afd3f3517c85dda-5.jpg&s3=3639-2231-2008cb8404754a8dd220b0daf024bdd0-1280x720.jpg

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