Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. The first series of sake appetizers Northern Sake Appetizer Road b y a company that knows Hokkaido! “Kinki no Kuni rare sake lees pickles” will be released on November 21st! !          

Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Sake appetizers by a company that knows everything about Hokkaido [Northern Sake Appetizers] The first series! “Kinki no Kuni rare sake lees pickles” will be released on November 21st! !
Mashike Kunimare Sake Brewery, Sapporo Marukane Sato Suisan, and Sapporo Television Broadcasting have teamed up to create a special product that can only be obtained here!

New brand [Shukoudou of the North] 1st edition
“Kinki no Kuni rare sake lees pickles” will finally be released on November 21st from Sapporo TV Broadcasting STV Shopping!
Click here for the site! ↓
*On sale from 10:25 on Monday, November 21st
“Kinki Kunimare Sake Kasuzuke” is produced by Sapporo Television Broadcast STV Shopping, Mashike Kunimare Sake Brewery, which is famous as “the northernmost sake brewery”, and Sapporo’s long-established fish shop Marukane Sato Suisan. I want you to enjoy it.” It is a new friend of sake that combines the tradition and the future of Hokkaido. Please enjoy the taste that is not ashamed of the long-established tag signboard.
[Image 1d21750-268-41094988ffbd0c639905-0.jpg&s3=21750-268-4ba71c07a4a2025eb6b43131018b54d5-1920x1080.jpg
“Kinki (*Kichiji)”, a popular luxury fish
The 112-year-old Marukane Sato Suisan craftsmen painstakingly hand-cut each one, and the 140-year-old Kunimare Sake Brewery uses double the usual amount of sake lees and pickles them thoroughly.
The richness of the fat and rich flavor and the mellow aroma of the sake lees are a perfect match!
[Image 2d21750-268-47d8b0a8a39bf4b7a196-2.jpg&s3=21750-268-a78074cd08e173cca3ce38b6e44b8ef2-1920x1080.jpg
The included sake is Kunimare Sake Brewery’s carefully selected pure rice sake “Junmai Ginpu Kunimare”. The rich and sharp dry taste is perfect for kinki!
[Image 3d21750-268-70bd4da2e0772a4a1279-1.jpg&s3=21750-268-c4f6fb7a9e23a47c5034783fae264fc1-3900x2600.jpg
Kunimare Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President Kaori Hayashi
[Image 4d21750-268-200f4c85b83b95da17e4-4.jpg&s3=21750-268-f14d2a7ef53f55eb4365d68e4b9e83eb-3900x2600.jpg
“I have tried quite a few sake lees pickles from Kunimare Sake Brewery. I think that “Kinki no Kuni Rare Sake Kasuzuke” is the best among them. We would be very happy if our customers are happy.
Thank you for your continued patronage. 』
[Image 5d21750-268-daa0f38308c6579fa271-3.jpg&s3=21750-268-49bf769b15f637a1e3eb643675f9fd37-1920x1080.jpg
“Kinki Kunimare Sake Kasu-zuke”
4 slices of pickled kinki (individual vacuum packaging for each slice) Junmaishu “Junmai Ginpu Kokumare” 300ml bottle
Comes in a cosmetic box and comes with a product description sheet ¥ 5,400 (tax included) / Free shipping nationwide
Limited quantity, complete reservation system
(Chilled delivery, refrigerated expiration date December 6, 2022) Click here for the site! ↓
*The sale will start at 10:25 on Monday, November 21st.
* Lightly remove the sake lees from the fish, grill it in a frying pan or grill for about 10 minutes, and enjoy.
It takes time, but it is recommended to bake carefully and slowly. *Because it is delivered in refrigeration, the expiration date is short, I was particular about wanting to deliver something really delicious. note that.
*Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
* If you cannot confirm that you are 20 years old or older, you cannot sell it. Click here for the site! ↓
*The sale will start at 10:25 on Monday, November 21st.

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