Sarah Brightman, the beautiful diva who has captivated the world, will start performing in Japan for the first time in three years!!

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Sarah Brightman, the beautiful diva who has captivated the world, will start performing in Japan for the first time in three years!!
This time, we welcome YOSHIKI as a special guest, and perform a number of moving masterpieces from the much-talked-about Christmas holiday special by co-starring with the orchestra and choir!!
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The world’s best-selling soprano singer Sarah Brightman, who has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, will perform in Japan on November 24th (Thursday) at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Sarah’s performance in Japan is the first in three years since April 2019 before Corona. In December 2020, when the world was in lockdown due to the global spread of Corona, she held her first Christmas holiday special “Christmas Includes Symphony. The Christmas holiday special, which was previously only available for purchase at the venues of Sarah’s overseas tours, was released to the general public only in Japan on November 16th on both Blu-ray and DVD. In this performance in Japan, in addition to many moving masterpieces from the Christmas holiday special, which has already been acclaimed all over the world, familiar hits and representative songs will be generously performed. It was held in two parts with a break in the middle, and Sara finished singing the famous song “Ave Maria” and greeted her in fluent Japanese with “Good evening everyone”. In addition, an interpreter was called to the stage and said, “Thank you very much for coming to the Christmas Symphony today. Christmas is my favorite season. The past few years have been difficult, but today the orchestra There will be a band and special guests, so it will be a very gorgeous concert, so please enjoy it until the end,” he said to the fans gathered at the venue.
In the middle of the first part, she called YOSHIKI to the stage, and the two co-starred in “Miracle”, which was also included in Sarah’s latest album “HYMN ~ Eternal Sanka” (2018). After that, Sara and YOSHIKI talked in English.
Sarah: “I am very happy to be able to share the stage with YOSHIKI tonight. We toured many countries together, and finally came to YOSHIKI’s home country, Japan. Thank you YOSHIKI for coming. YOSHIKI “I am honored. Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful tour.” Sarah: “Yoshiki, do you remember when we first met? We’ve been together for quite some time now.”
YOSHIKI “I was the musical director for the Hollywood movie report!” Sarah: That was a really crazy movie, but YOSHIKI-san was amazing. He was the musical director and put together the movie. , can you explain to everyone?
YOSHIKI “This song was composed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor’s accession to the throne.”
Sarah: What song is it called?
YOSHIKI “It’s a song called “Anniversary””
After that, YOSHIKI said in Japanese, “I’m very happy to be able to participate in Sara’s world tour and perform in Las Vegas and Mexico, but I’m finally back in Japan. From now on, I would like to perform a piece that I composed as a celebration song for the tenth anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor’s accession to the throne with a wonderful orchestra.” ”, and excited the fans who gathered at the venue. In the second part of the second half, in addition to Christmas songs such as “Silent Night” and “I Believe in Father Christmas”, “Pie Jesus” and “Phantom of the Opera (Opera Phantom)”, “Time to Say Goodbye”, etc., and performed 31 songs in total, including two encores. With an orchestra, choir, and even solo performances by the accompanying backing singers, the beautiful holiday show filled with an early Christmas feeling was greeted by 4,500 fans who filled the venue.
After this, Sarah will perform at the same place today, the 25th (Friday). After that, on the 27th (Sun), it will be held at the Tokyo Garden Theater, Nagoya and Osaka, and after Japan, we will enter the Asian tour around Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.
[Image 2d22572-77-41010f8dc1cea41815f8-1.jpg&s3=22572-77-74d6f7256bf417740030899e558e2661-3900x2595.jpg
Christmas Symphony
1. Nutcracker (overture) *orchestra only*
2. Ave Maria *
4. Walking In The Air *DUET with NARCIS*
6. Son of the Moon HIJO DE LA LUNA
7. La Luna
Miracle *Co-starred with YOSHIKI**
Anniversary *YOSHIKI Solo
10. Coventry Carol * Chorus Only
11. Winterlight WINTERLIGHT
12. Arrival*
13. GOAT LULLABY *chorus only
14. NESSUN DORMA (No one should sleep)
1. OVERTURE *Orchestra & Chorus only
2. Him HYMN *&**
3. Yume SOGNI *Duet with JAY**
5. Carol of the Bells * Co-starring SB, JAY and NARCIS
6. Colder Than Winter *GUNTHER GUITAR DUET*
7. Silent Night *
8. I Believe In Father Christmas*
9. Pie Jesu *DUET with NARCIS *Orchestra only*
10. Nutcracker (Interlude) * Orchestra Only *
11. Masquerade *Orchestra & Chorus Only
12. Phantom of the Opera (Phantom of the Opera) *Duet with JAY (Talk)
1. Amazing Grace *
2. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) *
* Latest Blu-ray, DVD “Christmas Symphony” (2022) included songs **Songs included in the latest album “HYMN ~Eien no Sanka” (2018) ≪Performance Information≫
[Image 3d22572-77-f39d6c017db2b9058973-2.jpg&s3=22572-77-d8aa8fa5d1aecf3084bcaba94f5ed4d6-1920x1080.jpg
Sarah Brightman “Christmas Symphony” Featuring YOSHIKI Special Guest Date: 2022/11/30 (Wed) 19:00
Venue: Osaka International Conference Center Main Hall
Date: 2022/12/01 (Thu) 19:00 (SOLD OUT)
Venue: Festival Hall
Ticket fee: VIP ¥ 100,000 (meet & greet, goods included)
      GOLD ¥40,000 (with goods)
       S ¥19,000
      A ¥18,000
*All seats reserved
* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.
Performance details: Official website:

Details about this release:


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