Sauna glasses are half price for the second one! November 26 Good bath day campaign Limited time

Fujita Optical Co., Ltd.
Sauna glasses are half price for the second one! November 26 Good bath day campaign [Limited time]
Recommended items for saikatsu where even people with poor eyesight can enjoy the sauna comfortably.

Fujita Kogaku Co., Ltd. (Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Representative Director: Tokuyuki Fujita) is an official online shop from November 23rd to November 26th, in honor of “Good Bath Day” on November 26th-Good Bath We will hold a half-price campaign for the second pair of sauna glasses on the day of the day.
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Sauna glasses are a popular item that allows even people with poor eyesight to enjoy the sauna comfortably.
You can get it at a great price only now on the official online store! -We will hold a campaign of half price for the second pair of sauna glasses on a good bath day.
Sauna Glasses EYE LOVE Bathing
November 26 Good bath day campaign [Limited time]
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If you purchase two or more sauna glasses at the same time and enter the coupon, the second one will be half price!
-Limited from November 23rd to November 26th-
Coupon code 1126
Keep one in your portable bath set and one in your home bath so you don’t forget it!
You can choose the frequency, so you can share one with your family and friends ◎
Please buy it at this great opportunity.
A new lineup of weak points and plus points!
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“My eyes aren’t that bad, but I can’t see the TV or the clock in the sauna.” “-3.0 is too hard” “I want to read a book in the bath!”
In response to such requests, we have added a new degree.
For myopia [-1.0 NEW/-2.0 NEW/-3.00/-4.00/-5.00/-6.00/-7.00/-8.00] Hyperopia [+2.0 NEW]
We will make the left and right dioptric powers in a semi-order format from ready-made lenses.
It can be used safely and comfortably even by people with different eyesight in the left and right eyes.
What is Sauna Glasses
Sauna glasses are made of polycarbonate that does not use any metal parts. The heat-resistant temperature is 130 degrees, and it is resistant to heat and impact, so you can use it safely even in a high-temperature dry sauna. Since it is all plastic, it will not rust, and it is lightweight, durable, and easy to use.
[Anti-fogging special coat that does not get cloudy even with steam from steam saunas and steam saunas]
The lens has an anti-fog coating, so even if it gets steam or water, it will not fog up easily.
Of course, you can also use it in your regular bath.
In addition, by performing maintenance with the included “care sheet”, you can maintain the difficulty of fogging.
[Reasons why you shouldn’t use regular glasses or contacts in the sauna] The lenses and frames of the glasses cannot withstand the high temperature and are damaged, making it difficult to see, which is very dangerous.
It can also cause burns and rust.
Even contact lenses can dry out and become stuck or slip out of place. Special glasses are recommended in the sauna.
\Comes with a convenient carrying case and anti-fogging sheet/ Comes with a special case with holes on the bottom for good drainage that can be put in the bath set.
Always have it in your bath set and take it with you to public baths and spas. Even those who are a little sloppy who want to keep it wet can rest assured that it will not rust!
Sauna glasses details
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Material: Frame/Lens: Polycarbonate
Accessories: Exclusive case, anti-fog care sheet
▼ Ready-made lens type
Sauna Glasses EYE LOVE Bathing
Price: ¥3,520-tax included
Lineup: For myopia [-3.00/-4.00/-5.00/-6.00/-7.00/-8.00]
▼ Custom model that can specify left and right degrees
Sauna Glasses EYE LOVE Bathing Custom Model [Left and Right Degree Designation] Select left or right from ready-made lenses. PD can also be specified Lineup: For myopia [-1.0/-2.0/-3.00/-4.00/-5.00/-6.00/-7.00/-8.00] For hyperopia [+2.0]
Price: ¥6,336-tax included
(*¥8,316 tax included if -7.00/-8.00 is included on either the left or right) *Custom models are not sold on Amazon.
▼ Sauna glasses special page
▼ Purchase page (official online shop)
▼ You can also purchase from Amazon and Rakuten SHOP
▼Official online shop “FUJIKON+PLUS”
-Company Profile-
Fujita Optical Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-5-22 Jinnakacho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture 916-0016 Representative: Noriyuki Fujita, President and Representative Director Established: April 1959
TEL: 050-3134-5576

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