Sauna Spot Ebina Ebina’s first private sauna “Sauna Spot Ebina” is being crowdfunded for its opening-Challenge of urban development by physical therapists-

Sauna spot Ebina
Ebina’s first private sauna “Sauna Spot Ebina” is being crowdfunded for its opening-Challenge of urban development by physical therapists- [Recruitment period] Until December 25, 2022 / Currently recruiting on the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”

The owner, who is a physical therapist, has started recruiting on the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE” for the opening of the private sauna “Sauna Spot Ebina” with the concept of “third place”.
The application period is until Sunday, December 25, 2022, and the target amount is 1 million yen.
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Background of the opening of “Sauna Spot Ebina”
With the epidemic of the new coronavirus, digitization has progressed, and I feel that the world has become very convenient, such as telework, online shopping, and delivery services. As a result, many people are said to be less likely to go out. It is said that a decrease in the amount of physical activity and a decrease in opportunities for social interaction are linked to the risk of illness, and as a physical therapist, I am worried about the impact on health due to the continuation of such a new lifestyle. will be In addition, in a situation where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, in order to continue living in a familiar area, it may be necessary to look to the future and create “good
connections” from now on. Therefore, “Sauna Spot Ebina” aims to be a place where you can go out and relax like a “third place” in the familiar area, and look to the future. increase.
[“Sauna Spot Ebina” crowdfunding overview]
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●Main return gifts
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Equipment outline
●Private sauna
It is a completely private sauna with advance reservation priority. We have adopted a Finnish-style sauna that can be used for self-cleaning, and we plan to install a water bath with a temperature of about 15°C using a chiller in the private room.
・Single use: 4,200 yen
・For 2 people: 8,000 yen
・For 3 people: 10,500 yen
* 70 minutes usage fee / Not available for men and women
*Advance tickets are available at great value through crowdfunding. ●Body care
Stretch-centered body care by a physiotherapist with prior reservation priority. It can be used as a luxurious refreshment after the sauna is warmed up. It is also possible to use only for body care.
・20 minutes: 2,300 yen
・40 minutes: 4,200 yen
* We have discounted advance tickets available through crowdfunding. ●Cafe/Bar
We offer a variety of soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks. For light meals, we plan to offer menus in collaboration with local shops. It is also possible to use only the cafe and bar. Please enjoy the wonderful shops around the facility.
● Frailty prevention
A physical fitness test will be carried out under the supervision of Associate Professor Naoto Kamide (Doctor of Gerontology) of the Kitasato University School of Medicine. We also have individual counseling, so please take advantage of it to prevent frailty. We have physical therapists who have experience in medical care, nursing care, and rehabilitation in the community, so we are happy to consult with you.
・ 1 time: 500 yen (planned)
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About Sauna Spot Ebina
“Sauna Spot Ebina” is one base for the challenge of “town development” by physical therapists. With the mission of becoming a spot that triggers outings and exchanges, and co-creating good connections, we aim to contribute to a symbiotic society with the local community. To that end, we will co-create local frailty prevention activities and social participation opportunities for people with physical
Activities so far
・Frailty check trial session
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Hold a frailty check trial session,
“You’re losing muscle mass,” “I want it to be held regularly,” etc. We are getting a lot of feedback.

[Store overview]
Name: Sauna Spot Ebina
Location: 1F, 1-2-19 Kokubunminami, Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture Representative: Sho Wakamatsu
Business: Private sauna, body care, cafe bar, community activities (prevention of frailty)
HP: None (under construction)
Details about this release:


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