-Save the nation with this dish-Earth Star Luna new book released on December 1st (Thursday)

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
-Save the nation with this dish-Earth Star Luna new book released on December 1st (Thursday)

The popular series “Second Princess Sacrifice” and the new “Thousand and One Thousand Foods Story” are now available!
A new issue of the novel label [Earth Star Luna] published by Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will be released on Thursday, December 1, 2022.
On the Earth Star Luna official website, you can try and read new works and some already published for free ⇒ https://www.es-luna.jp/ [Image 1d101562-66-ffaf57c3f49c84287c3a-9.jpg&s3=101562-66-408bf3ec1bb83b98119f7ddba59e3c89-1200x470.jpg
Thousand Nights and Thousand Foods Monogatari Princess of Defeated Country, but Her Highness the Ice Prince does dote on her (1) [Image 2d101562-66-01abc2171432e3c08161-10.jpg&s3=101562-66-e9493f8eb81f60cf30a0b0a4fc827500-1200x470.jpg
[Image 3d101562-66-1ecd7db97a674edce964-2.jpg&s3=101562-66-2235ff402bcb50fadc3b8ae9f543c419-1747x2510.jpg
Author: Edamame Zunda Illustration: Karaba Rinto
★ Special page (character introduction & privilege information, etc.) https://www.es-luna.jp/bookdetail/21senshoku_luna.php
Release: Thursday, December 1, 2022
List price: 1,320 yen (tax included)
Amazon purchase: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4803017255
Because her mother was a prostitute, Elendira has been oppressed even though she is a member of the royal family.
Invaded by the enemy country Agdnigur, she was asked by the emperor, “Beneficial or useless?”
Using the knowledge of the Japanese of the previous life, he chooses to save his own people as a royal family on the condition that he presents a new menu every night for a thousand nights, but… [Image 4d101562-66-0851b5a6b759d66de718-5.jpg&s3=101562-66-f37633bde39541fdf20491dd01620178-1476x782.jpg
The embarrassment of the sacrificed second princess, she was strangely welcomed by an enemy country as a hostage (3)
[Image 5d101562-66-5a4e1418a8fec6fc2faa-11.jpg&s3=101562-66-1cedf5991f39ab595000204965ae45ee-1200x470.jpg
[Image 6d101562-66-4365591273fc747939d4-0.jpg&s3=101562-66-077bf0f311081f0390932f57fc77e85b-1757x2498.jpg
Author: Shin Manami Illustration: Sakuramochi
★ Special page (character introduction & privilege information, etc.) https://www.es-luna.jp/bookdetail/10ikenie3_luna.php
Release: Thursday, December 1, 2022
List price: 1,320 yen (tax included)
Amazon purchase: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4803017247
An aristocratic council proposed by Claire for the further development of the country. However, the aristocrats strongly oppose it, and it interferes with the operation.
In order to find out what is actually happening, I decided to go out for an inspection.
They disguised themselves as aristocrats because it would be bad to keep their status as they were, but……
It seems that there is a mastermind who is inciting the nobles! ? [Image 7d101562-66-c446a03d6d4144a089f3-4.jpg&s3=101562-66-28f30c76a1539e3d40fb330254bc13a2-1500x782.jpg
[Image 8d101562-66-80cc62d24245236beb27-8.jpg&s3=101562-66-2f1f3074e49bd532de7bbe8cf3741d48-300x200.jpg
-Serialized in Comic Earth Star-
“The embarrassment of the sacrificed second princess ~The hostage princess receives a warm welcome as an intellectual genius in the enemy country~”
Original: Manha Sen, Sakuramochi Manga: Mizutani Yuju, Kaede Toru December 30, 2023 (Friday) release lineup
“Countess Amber has business acumen! I’m finally free, so I refuse to marry again.”
Author: Moriu Illustration: Barakan
“I’m an exiled saint, but I’m afraid that the whole country loves me so much!?” (2)
Author: Haruna Don Illustration: Kurodeko
Earth Star Entertainment Official Site
Comic Earth Star: https://www.comic-earthstar.jp/ (updated every Thursday at 18:00)
Earth Star Novel: https://www.es-novel.jp/
Earth Star Luna: https://www.es-luna.jp/
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